OGDEN — Sergio Arturo Chavez fired four shots at his estranged wife, killing her after she broke down his bedroom door, authorities said in charging documents Thursday.

The Weber County Attorney’s Office charged Chavez, 41, with first-degree felony murder, three months to the day after Stephanie Louise Chavez died at the man’s house.

“I’m going to kill you tomorrow,” Chavez said in a text message to the woman on June 28, according to an Ogden police probable cause statement.

The couple had separated and Stephanie Chavez went to the Adams Avenue home just after midnight July 1 to confront the man about an altercation they had the day before over their children, the statement said.

Other people in the home said the woman went to Sergio Chavez’s bedroom door, which was locked, and she pounded on the door, eventually knocking the hollow-core door off its frame.

She took a step or two into the room, where the man was pointing a .45 caliber handgun with a laser sight, the arrest affidavit said.

He paused, briefly looked at a woman in the bedroom with him, then fired at Stephanie Chavez, hitting her in the face, torso, hand and arm, police alleged in the document.

A woman who was standing behind the shooting victim said she saw Sergio Chavez holding the handgun with both hands, looking to be in “total control” as he fired.

Chavez then fired on the woman in the hallway, who ran through the house and away down the street, with Chavez pursuing and firing at her again, the police statement said.

Officers said the woman was hit once, the bullet grazing her chest.

Police said Chavez told them he did not know who was at his bedroom door and that he fired through the door as it was breaking down.

“The physical evidence at the scene and the bedroom door showed that there were not any shots fired through it,” the police statement said.

Chavez said his wife had been at his home the week before and had banged on the door but he did not shoot because he knew it was her.

The woman outside the bedroom the night of the shootings told officers it was obvious to her that Chavez knew it was his wife at the door.

Chavez admitted to shooting at the woman who fled, the arrest affidavit said.

He added that he left the house with the .45 and an assault rifle, intending to continue to chase her, but another man at the house stopped him.

Police said Chavez told them he gave the handgun to another person and instructed them “to get rid of it.”

In a search, police found three firearms in Chavez’s bedroom, none of .45 caliber, the charging documents said.

Police said a blood draw showed Chavez had methamphetamine in his system. They also said they found forged identity documents and said Chavez is living in the United States illegally.

On July 7, prosecutors charged Chavez with first-degree felony attempted murder for allegedly shooting at the second woman in the home.

He also is charged with four counts of second-degree felony use or possession of a firearm by a restricted person, plus third-degree possession of forged documents.

In the amended indictment filed Thursday, Chavez additionally was charged with second-degree felony obstructing justice and class A misdemeanor use of a controlled substance.

Chavez remained held without bail Friday in the Weber County Jail.

He had been scheduled to appear Thursday for a hearing in 2nd District Court on the attempted-murder charge, but it was canceled because of the new charges.

His next court appearance is Nov. 12.

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