A North Ogden woman convicted of helping her husband dump their babysitter's body has been released from prison early after getting credit for completing substance abuse, culinary arts and business programs.

Dea Millerberg served four years and two months at the state prison in Draper. She was  sentenced Aug. 12, 2014, to three concurrent terms of 0-5 years on convictions of desecrating a body, obstructing justice and illegally obtaining prescription drugs.

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Her husband, Eric Millerberg, was convicted of injecting a lethal dose of drugs into Alexis Rasmussen, 16, at their North Ogden home.

Rasmussen was the babysitter for the couple’s toddlers, but they gave her drugs and she was having sex with the Millerbergs, according to court records.

In a plea bargain, Dea Millerberg agreed to admit to the three charges in return for Weber County prosecutors' agreement not to file charges against her of homicide and having unlawful sex with a minor.

Investigators alleged the Millerbergs left Rasmussen unattended after the injection, then later found her dead. They disposed of the teen's body in a remote part of Morgan County.

Eric Millerberg was convicted of child abuse homicide and sexual abuse. He was sentenced to six years to life in the Utah State Prison.

Dea Millerberg, 45, went free Tuesday, Oct. 16, according to Utah Board of Pardons and Parole records.

The board originally set a parole date of April 16, 2019, but Millerberg completed all terms of a case action plan that permitted the board to invoke a discretionary sentence time cut.

Board records said Millerberg completed the prison's ExCell residential substance abuse treatment program, plus culinary arts and business technology programs.

Dawn Miera, Rasmussen's mother, told the parole board at a 2015 hearing that Dea Millerberg should serve the full sentence for her part in the teen’s death.

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