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OGDEN — Ogden Police have released body camera footage from an incident earlier this week in which an officer shot a dog, causing an uproar on area social media pages.

At 11:40 a.m. Tuesday, officers responded to a call to a home in the 2400 block of D Avenue to assist workers with Utah Division of Child and Family Services, who had received a report of unsafe conditions for children in the home.

A large pit bull approached officers when they arrived on scene and was shot after it attacked one of the officers, OPD said in its initial release.

The owners of the dog posted a video on Facebook of the aftermath of the shooting, showing the dog with a bloody muzzle and bullet wound, creating a stir on social media.

OPD released a more detailed report of the incident on Friday along with the body camera footage. Police also conducted an investigation, which is required when an aggressive animal is shot, and found that department polices and procedures were followed, OPD said in the release.

“The Ogden Police Department is sensitive to the concerns of the public in regards to the shooting of dogs, but also recognizes that sometimes situations arise in the course of an officer’s duties which require an officer to shoot a dog in order to protect themselves or a third party,” the release said.

As seen in the footage, the dog was attached to a truck in the driveway by a cable when Ogden officers J. Beck and J. Grimes approach the home.

When asked if the dog was nice, a male at the home said it was not and that he’d take it inside, OPD said. However, before he could get to the dog, it reportedly attacked Grimes, continuing to make “physical contact” and “trying to bite him.”

In the video, one of the officers can be heard asking, “Is the dog nice?” while another whistles at the dog shortly before it lunges toward Grimes just off screen.

The attack lasted approximately four seconds before Grimes can be seen drawing his gun and firing a round.

“Officer Grimes was attempting to get away from the dog but could not because the dog continued the attack,” police said in the release. “Officer Grimes drew his duty firearm and fired one round. After being struck by the bullet, the dog continued the attack until reaching the end of the cable, then ceased attacking and retreated.”

The incident lasted 26 seconds in total.

The dog was taken into custody with a muzzle by Ogden Animal Services and was transported to a local veterinary hospital where it was treated for superficial injuries and returned to its owner, police said.

Lindsy Maestas, one of the dog’s owners, told the Standard-Examiner earlier this week that there were two police officers, and one officer asked her boyfriend to put the dog inside. When the boyfriend walked to get the dog, the other officer “felt threatened,” took out his gun and shot the dog while the boyfriend was walking to get the dog.

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The dumb a** was told the dog wasn’t nice and then proceeds into the dogs territory. He should have waited for the owner to get the dog, plain and simple. Also if he is getting attacked, what happened to a taser or mace? Mail carrier’s use it. They don’t have guns to pull out on dogs. I’m sorry, I feel like this cop is just trigger happy. If he can do a dog like that I can only imagine what he will do on the streets to a human. He needs to pay for what he did. I know he isn’t going to get in any trouble. But I hope the family sues OPD.


Love the comments about all pit bulls are bad. Really??? Don't generalize and back up your information with haters.
2nd. Safety of children. I've been on the other end of this call as a child. Yup, Social Service to the rescue, because of a spiteful neighbor and wanna be relative. Child are not always at risk, but Social Service always believes the caller and not the parents.
3rd. The dog was on a long lease, but a lease no less. I always ask the owner and then wait for a response before petting a dog. The police reacted in the way he was trained and he protected himself.
But don't say the kids were at risk because the dog attacked a stranger, my dog protects us, and police dogs protect others. Training.


One more thing. My son was out in the driveway workibg on his brothers car. Officer Beck adked him if our dog was nice. He stated "No. I will get him". Officer Grimes proceeded to cal Kilo to him. Big mistake!


We all have our own opinions and are free to post them. Good or bad we appreciate all comments. All I would like to say is if you were not at the scene then obviously you have no idea what truly inspired on that day. Post your opinion but don't claim to know what happened. Our family pet is a wonderful lil boy. Someone stated that mix breed pitbulls are agressive and dangerous animals. I really don't know if that is true. Our Kilo is a full breed pitbull who came from a very reputable dog breeder. I put my full trust in him to protect our home and my family. No one should ever approach a strange dog without his owner present. Police or civilian. To punish him for being who he is is unfair and cruel. He is still a pup. He's only 2 years old. We have not raised him to be agressive or mean in any way. He was just doibg what dogs do of any kind. That day was the first time he was up front. He is usually in the back yard or in the house. Thats how good he is. We are able to keep him inside. Remember when my son was young we came upon a small shitzhu. My son adked if he could pet him. I let him. Big mistake! We learned that day to never approach a strange dog no matter the size, breed or just the plain fact that he did not know us. So people be kind with your words. If you must comment then let's be courteous of people we know nothing about.


Public Alert - Beware of pit bull mix type canines. Go the other way. Do not approach, pet or adopt them. Staffordshire Terrier's/American Bull Terrier's/Pit Mix's are not domesticated pets/emotional support dogs.They are dangerous, deadly canines.....regardless of ownership or breeding. Do more research for the right kind of animal to choose as your best friend. Or, beware the outcome. Perhaps a Life-Flight for you and a friend to the Trauma Center, and then being sued for your canine's unpredictable and ferocious actions. If you survive. Beware and get informed. #pitbulls #staffordshire #bullterrier #pitmix #mixedbreed #dangerous #unpredictable #deadly #PTSD #terrier #HumaneSociety #BestFriends #ASPCA #keepyourpitsoutofmyneighborhood #PTSD


I was on a roll and was not paying attention to my spelling, having used auto correct. I also wanted to point out that it was a really good thing that it wasn't a child that wandered into that yard! What would you have said then? Those police we're going to make sure that a child was safe. Poor dog. Poor child. Poor officer! Shame on the owners! Focus your comments on the responsible party.


These officers went to check on the welfare a child. They put their lives on the line for us every day. This poor dog, that was identified as not being friendly, was left in the front yard tied to a truck on lead the reached way too far. It was the owners fault that the dog was shot! If you know that your dog is not friendly, and you love your dog, you keep everyone safe. You don't leave the dog and all other passersby vulnerable! You also don't put muzzle on it after and lie about it. You don't know what you're talking about and you seemingly think that it's okay to lie and try to set people up to lose their jobs for other's mistakes. Yes! It was really sad that the poor dog was shot! It's more sad that it wasn't protected from being shot by having it in a safe environment, because it wasn't friendly! Super sad! Your comments aren't very intelligent.


The dog’s leash was no longer than the edge of the driveway. I think the Officer was impatient and in the wrong.


A shorter leash/fenced yard..innocent animal, never!!



Have you even bothered to watch the video of this incident before condemning the Ogden Police, or are you one of those pet owners who thinks that their animals can do no wrong? I suspect you are. The dog was on an extra long chain that was tied to the bumper of a pickup truck, which allowed him to advance and then attack. I'd suggest you watch the body cam footage of the incident which accompanies this article, but there are none so blind as those who cannot see. Some dogs are raised to be vicious and attack people whether you want to acknowledge that fact or not! There's a big difference between a dog being on a leash and one that's properly restrained.


Poor sweet dog. I hope he or she will be ok.


There was absolutely no reason to shoot this dog! It was on a leash! How about you be smart enough to not go where the leash can reach? Oh yeah, then you couldn’t be Mr. tough guy and shoot an innocent animal!


Too bad the officer missed!



Watch the video. Can you see how long the leash is before the dog is attacking you? No, you can't, it's under the truck. All you can see is the dog trots up to you then starts to bark and attack.

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