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This undated photo released by the Canyon County Sheriff's Office in Idaho shows Gerald "Mike" Bullinger, formerly of Ogden, Utah. He's a person of interest in the investigation into the deaths of three women found dead on June 19, 2017, on his Caldwell, Idaho, property.

More than six months have passed since police in Idaho found three bodies, each killed by a single bullet, setting off a local, and now national, manhunt. 

Authorities have yet to capture Gerald Michael “Mike” Bullinger, the primary suspect in the murders of the three women found June 19 on his property in Caldwell, Idaho. 

The three women were identified as Bullinger’s wife, Cheryl Baker, 56; along with Nadja Medley, 48, and her 14-year-old daughter, Payton. 

The women and Bullinger have Northern Utah ties, with all four having lived in Ogden until shortly before the murders. Bullinger and Baker had recently bought a home on several acres of land in Caldwell.

Lt. Tim Scott of the Ogden Police Department said Thursday, Dec. 29, that the Ogden Police did not have any new information regarding the triple homicide or Bullinger’s whereabouts.

Joe Decker, a public information officer for Canyon County, told the Standard-Examiner Tuesday, Jan. 2, the county sheriff’s department is continuing to follow up on leads but said Bullinger has yet to be found.

Decker said members of the sheriff’s office try to review evidence in the case on a regular basis to ensure that no stone goes unturned.

Police say the three bodies were found near a shed and covered with a tarp. Investigators say the bodies had been decomposing for “several days” before they were found.

Baker’s identity was made public by police on June 30, over a week after the bodies were discovered. Police said in a press release that the Canyon County Coroner’s Office used dental records to confirm Baker’s identity.

Just over a week later, on Aug. 8, police positively identified the remaining two bodies were those of Nadja and Payton Medley. 

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Shortly after, the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office announced they had found enough evidence to file a felony homicide warrant against Bullinger. The Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office confirmed in a press release they would file charges against Bullinger for three counts of first-degree murder. The charges were an escalation to the previous warrant issued against Bullinger for failure to report the three homicides.

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Idaho Three Dead

JUNE — Authorities investigate a scene in Caldwell, Idaho, on Monday, June 19, 2017. Police say three people were found dead inside a home and the Canyon County Sheriff's office is still looking for prime suspect Gerald "Mike" Bullinger. Bullinger and his wife — one of the three victims — were longtime Ogden residents.

A prominent element often associated with the case is the question of the relationship between Bullinger and Medley.

Decker said police have “never been able to confirm” that the two were dating. However, based on social media, interviews and other publicly available information, Decker said police are “led to believe” the two were in a romantic relationship.

Decker also said it was unclear if Medley and Baker had knowledge of each other prior to the murders. 

The alleged relationship between Bullinger and Medley was one of the main focuses of an investigation done by Crime Watch Daily, a syndicated investigative TV show. 

In the first of two videos, the show highlights Bullinger’s alleged relationship with Medley and includes a number of home videos made by Nadja and Payton.

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In a second video, the show talks with Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue, who describes the crime scene, and shows footage of the property were the bodies were found. 

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The show brought the investigation and manhunt to the national scale, Decker said. 

The search for Bullinger is ongoing and has not been resolved. On July 12, police found a car abandoned in northwestern Wyoming believed to be Bullinger’s. A few days later, police received reports that Bullinger may have been spotted in eastern Idaho. 

Police still consider Bullinger to be armed and dangerous.

If you have any information regarding Bullinger’s whereabouts, contact your local law enforcement or call the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office at 208-454-7531. 

Contact reporter Jacob Scholl at or follow him on Twitter @Jacob_Scholl.

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