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WASHINGTON TERRACE — A school shooting threat circulating on social media caused concern at schools around Weber County, but it turned out to be from New Mexico.

Weber School District spokesperson Lane Findlay said school officials were alerted Thursday evening of the threat, which mentioned a future shooting at “bhs.”

District officials received a number of calls and emails from students and family members, many of them concerned that “bhs” referred to Bonneville High School.

Findlay said the district found out the threat originated outside of Utah and was directed at Belen High School in New Mexico. The student who wrote it has since been arrested in New Mexico. 

Bonneville High School principal Larry Hadley sent an email Thursday night to all students and parents assuring them the threat was not referring to the Washington Terrace school. However, as a precaution, Hadley said, local law enforcement agencies would be at the school Friday to ensure students’ safety.

Findlay said deputies from the Weber County Sheriff’s Office were at the school Friday morning.

In the email, Hadley thanked school resource officers and the sheriff’s office for their response to the possible threat. Hadley also thanked all those who submitted tips and alerted school and district staff. 

“In these trying times, to see our community pull and work together to keep our students safe is heartfelt,” Hadley wrote in the email. “As always, it is such a privilege to be part of this cone and community.”

Hadley added that the student who made the threat in New Mexico is in police custody and admitted to making the threat. 

Findlay echoed Hadley’s statement and said he was pleased to see the number of people concerned about the safety of their school. School officials received a large number of tips from the SafeUT app and tip line, Findlay said. 

Bonneville High was not the only school that was concerned by the threat.

According to a report from WKRG, a news station in Alabama, students and parents at two schools in Mobile, Alabama — Baker High School and Blount High School — saw the same message. The Mobile County Public School System responded by assuring students and parents the threat was not referring to either school and had originated from New Mexico. 

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