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Editor’s Note: This story has been corrected to show the schools were on lock out, not on lockdown. 

OGDEN — A handful of Ogden schools were on lockout Friday after a threat was reported in the area. 

According to a series of tweets from the Ogden School District, police responded to a threat in the “northeast area of Ogden,” which set off lockouts at Highland Junior High, Bonneville Elementary, Ben Lomond High, Horace Mann Elementary, Gramercy Elementary and Mound Fort Junior High. 

The lockouts were lifted about 1:30 p.m. Friday after police resolved the threat, one tweet said.

School district spokesperson Jer Bates said the lockouts lasted around 30 minutes. 

A tweet from the Ogden Police Department said police were investigating a report of a suicidal person in the area of 8th Street and Porter Avenue and locked out the six schools as a precaution. 

The lockouts were lifted after “nothing substantiated” from the threat. 

Bates said the lockout did not impact the scheduled release times from the schools. 

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I live on 8th street and I hadn't heard anything about anyone being suicidal. I know a guy was on his porch and had been shooting a hand gun about 3-4 times. Just messing around. Not shooting at anyone. He was in a bad mood but wasn't out to hurt anyone. Still, not the smartest or safest things to do. But cops were called and he took off. They took a long time trying to make sure he was no longer in the house. But, since the police had received word that he most likely had fled, they notified local schools of a potential threat of an armed man in the area. My son attends Bonnevil elementary school and I was told about the school lockout (by a neighbor. The school never called or contacted me about it ever. A little messed up, no?)and my street was blocked off by police not allowing cars to enter or leave. So I had to walk up to get him. The lockout definetly seemed to be longer than 30 mins. More like an hour at least. I'm not sure what they mean about it not effecting school release times. School was essentially out early since all the kids' parents went and picked them up ASAP. And the school was only letting in about 5 parents in at a time and presenting ID and making sure the kid knew person picking them up. The police were able to apprehend the guy on the next street over around 2:30 or so. Right after I had got home with my son.




A lockout is where there is a threat outside the school and the school doors are locked so no one can enter. Classes resume as normal.A lockdown there is a threat inside the school. Teachers and students lock and hide in their classrooms and stay silent.This was a lockout, not a lockdown and is standard procedure if there is a threat in the neighborhood.


Robocall from OSD went to some lengths to explain that the schools were placed on "lockout" status, and what that meant.  SE story says they were on "lockdown."  Question:   Is there a difference between lockout and lockdown status, and if so, what is  it?

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