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Weber, Morgan counties see leveling of COVID-19 case growth, but officials still guarded

OGDEN  — The rising COVID-19 case count in Weber and Morgan counties has leveled off, at least for the moment, says Brian Cowan, head of the Weber-Morgan Health Department, and it had him sounding at least somewhat optimistic. "So we've kind of rounded a hump, if you will," he told the Weber-Morgan Board of Health on Monday at the group's monthly meeting. "If you're graphing this out, it started a little bit of a decline." Health officials have learned "not to get really excited" in such circumstances because trends can rapidly shift. But after an upward trend in the case count in ...

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Letter: Stupidity and arrogance a dangerous combination

The two most common elements are hydrogen and helium. The two most common elements in our American political system are Stupidity and Arrogance. They appeared early in our history. James Madison thought he could steal Canada from the British. After all they were concentrating on Napoleon. So we ...