Weber County Sheriff's Office lip sync screenshot

The Weber County Sheriff's Office posted their version of the "police lip sync challenge" to their YouTube page Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018. Workers from throughout the sheriff's office came together to mouth the words of "Homegrown" by the Zac Brown Band.  

OGDEN — A viral craze has made its way around the country to the Weber County Sheriff's Office. 

The department posted their version of the "police lip sync challenge" to their YouTube page Wednesday. Workers from throughout the sheriff's office came together to mouth the words of "Homegrown" by the Zac Brown Band.

The lip sync opens with a shot of Weber County Sheriff Terry Thompson posing in front of a donated 1965 Ford Mustang that is used as an "anti-drug awareness car," according to the sheriff's office website. The classic car with sheriff decals is often featured in local parades. 

The video features a group of people on the sheriff's office rescue boat, camera shots of staff at the county's different offices and even deputies can-canning and dabbing in protective gear. 

Weber County Sheriff's Office dabbing GIF

Lt. Joshua Marigoni was one of the four organizers for the video, which was filmed and edited by the Dicio Group, a public relations firm who holds a contract with the county. 

Marigoni said the video was filmed in one day, and took roughly seven hours to finish. He said the hardest part about filming was waiting for people to finish their shifts so they weren't on the clock while filming.

"I love how it turned out," Marigoni said.

Marigoni can be seen in a number of camera shots, including one where he's taken down by a K-9 and still manages to continue mouthing the words to the song.

Weber County Sheriff's Office lip dub K-9 attack

Marigoni said the group picked the song "Homegrown" because they believe it's a good way to describe the area they serve.

"Our community is home grown, that's who we represent," Marigoni said. 

Marigoni said it's important for the community to see some personality with law enforcement officials. 

"The main thing is to show the community and area that we protect," he said. "It was nice to see it all come together."

You can watch the full video below. 

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Can't believe the office sanctioned this. It's distasteful to use the honor guard for a stupid YouTube video, but if you're going to, get your salutes on point.


Good old tax dollars at work!

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