Race: Syracuse City Council

Occupation: City Council member

Age: 51

Elected Offices previously held: Syracuse City Council, Utah Federation of Republican Women Vice Chair, Davis County Republican Party Vice Chair, Davis County Republican Women Vice Chair, Clearfield High Community Council

What are your reasons for running?

In the current climate, it's a difficult decision to choose to run for public office. However, instilled in me from an early age was a sense of civic duty. Service to God, Family and Country and a love for all of them. We need people to step into leadership positions who can discern the greater good, no matter how uncomfortable it is. I've lived here for 40 of my over 50 years, I love this city and feel that I am a reasonable voice.

Key issues facing your city?

We currently have several issues impacting us; housing affordability and density, the coming West Davis Corridor and a need for a regional park. Housing affordability is an issue for the entire state, but especially the Wasatch Front communities. We are seeing our land increase in value at an alarming rate and are working to provide housing options for those families who can't afford our average home price of nearly $400,000. This means considering zoning changes that will decrease lot sizes, while still working to maintain open space. Another issue is the West Davis Corridor which will come directly through our city, effectively dissecting it east and west. This is a blessing and a curse, as most things are. It impacts land use, our town center and traffic congestion. And last, a regional park with programmable space is in our future, although we do not currently have a workable plan to pay for the estimated 15-30 million dollars it will cost. We have a large minor population which are very involved in recreational sports and we are working to build this park to host practices, games, tournaments, events and even county wide gatherings.

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