Editor's Note: A previous version of this story listed incorrect winners for girls shot put and javelin. Those have been corrected. The Standard-Examiner regrets the error.

The Burchell/Armstrong City-County track meet concluded Wednesday at Ogden High, the meet that brings together high school track teams in Weber and Ogden school districts.

Weber High took the girls team crown and Fremont took the boys crown. Fremont had the most combined points between boys and girls totals.

Weber’s Jessica Reddish and Fremont’s Logan Tittle were named the athletes of the meet.

Reddish scored four first-place finishes: Individual titles in the 100-meter and 300-meter hurdles, and running legs on Weber’s winning relay teams for the 4x100 and 4x400.

Tittle placed first in the long jump and high jump, ran a leg on Fremont’s winning 4x100 relay team, and finished second in the javelin.

Below are the top finishers in each event from the two-day meet.


Team Scores

1. Weber, 194

2. Ogden, 124

3. Fremont, 94

4. Bonneville, 67

5. Roy, 48

6. Ben Lomond, 41

7. Saint Joseph, 28

100 meters

1st: Ashlynn Campos, Weber, 12.93

2nd: Bridgette Howell, Roy, 13.30

3rd: Samatha Diaz, Ben Lomond, 13.45

100 hurdles

1st: Jessica Reddish, Weber, 15.54

2nd: Raigan Jones, Fremont, 16.58

3rd: Abby Trudeau, Ogden, 16.70

200 meters

1st: Ashlynn Campos, Weber

2nd: Bridgette Howell, Roy

3rd: Hannah Hillstrom, Weber

(times not listed)

300 hurdles

1st: Jessica Reddish, Weber, 47.86

2nd: Mckenna Johnson, Bonneville, 47.93

3rd: Aubrey West, Roy, 47.97

400 meters

1st: Hannah Hillstrom, Weber, 59.63

2nd: Abby Beus, Ogden, 59.99

3rd: Aniya Bobo, Weber, 1:01.53

800 meters

1st: Megan Terry, Fremont, 2:24.47

2nd: Abby Beus, Ogden, 2:24.78

3rd: Callie Morgan, Roy, 2:26.49

1600 meters

1st: Megan Terry, Fremont, 5:19.81

2nd: Sammi Lee, Weber, 5:26.10

3rd: Kalii Caldwell, Ogden, 5:30.10

3200 meters

1st: Kate Allred, Ogden, 11:57.62

2nd: Sammi Lee, Weber, 12:10.84

3rd: Bonita Gray, Ogden, 12:14.83

Sprint medley relay

1st: Ogden, 4:23.08 (Lexie Colvin, Ashlen White, Jacoba Egbert, Abby Beus)

4 x 100 relay

1st: Weber, 52.69 (Pia Haavik, Ashlynn Campos, Jessica Reddish, Emalee Huffaker)

4 x 400 relay

1st: Weber, 4:17.25 (Jessica Reddish, Nia Gibson, Aniya Bobo, Hannah Hillstrom)


1st: Jasmine Forte, Ben Lomond, 102-10

2nd: Alyssa Hansen, Weber, 97-02

3rd: Hayden Abbott, Ben Lomond, 88-08

Pole vault

1st: Raigan Jones, Fremont, 9-06

2nd: Morgan Peterson, Weber, 8-06

3rd: Anna Nielson, Weber, 7-06

Shot put

1st: Hokulani Sagapolu, Fremont, 34-03.5

2nd: Alyssa Hansen, Weber, 33-05

3rd: LaDeitra Hobson, Ben Lomond, 33-03.5


1st: Hokulani Sagapolu, Fremont, 124-06.50

2nd: Virginia Tomon, St. Joseph, 110-01.50

3rd: Alyssa Hansen, Weber, 106-07.50

Long jump

1st: Whitley Surrage, Fremont, 16-03.50

2nd: Mckenna Johnson, Bonneville, 16-02.75

3rd: Bridgette Howell, Roy, 15-09.25

High jump

1st: Grace Connor, Weber, 5-01

2nd: Madeline Holl, St. Joseph, 5-00

3rd: Abby Triplett, Weber, 5-00


Team Scores

1. Fremont, 188

2. Ogden, 104

3. Bonneville, 102

4. Roy, 99

5. Weber, 90

6. Ben Lomond, 28

100 meters

1st: Logan Shobe, Ogden, 11.48

2nd: Jackson Bollwinkel, Bonneville, 11.48

3rd: Calvin Peterson, Fremont, 11.55

110 hurdles

1st: Gage Schofield, Fremont, 15.43

2nd: Ryan Trane, Weber, 15.48

3rd: Gavin Schofield, Fremont, 15.98

200 meters

1st: Logan Shobe, Ogden, 23.11

2nd: Calvin Peterson, Fremont, 23.33

3rd: Aaron Groethe, Roy, 23.37

300 hurdles

1st: Gavin Schofield, Fremont, 40.47

2nd: Gage Schofield, Fremont, 40.68

3rd: Acelan Obray, Weber, 42.56

400 meters

1st: Bryce Anderson, Roy, 51.39

2nd: Hite Stromberg, Ogden, 52.26

3rd: Thomas Talbot, Fremont, 53.59

800 meters

1st: Jorge Vasquez, Bonneville, 2:02.86

2nd: Jake Porter, Roy, 2:04.29

3rd: Spencer Anderson, Ogden, 2:04.51

1600 meters

1st: Christopher Allred, Ogden, 4:28.70

2nd: Nathan Williams, Bonneville, 4:31.75

3rd: Jorge Vasquez, Bonneville, 4:33.80

3200 meters

1st: Christopher Allred, Ogden, 9:51.08

2nd: Ayden Womack, Bonneville, 9:57.67

3rd: Luke Crossley, Roy, 10:03.08

Sprint medley relay

1st: Ogden, 3:45.97 (Logan Shobe, Rhyle Hanson, Tanner Brown, Hite Stromberg)

4 x 100 relay

1st: Fremont, 43.96 (Logan Tittle, Brandon Baray, Calvin Peterson, Jaxon Gochis)

4 x 400 relay

1st: Roy, 3:34.03 (Jordan Clark, Jacob Bird, Aaron Groethe, Bryce Anderson)


1st: Cannon Panfiloff, Roy, 151-09

2nd: Logan Tittle, Fremont, 143-03

3rd: Carter Jones, Fremont, 129-01

Pole vault

1st: Bryar Jackson, Fremont, 10-06

2nd: Aaron Haws, Fremont, 10-00

3rd: Rigby Peterson, Weber, 10-00

4th: Liam Obray, Weber, 10-00

Shot put

1st: Lucas Walton, Bonneville, 49-08.50

2nd: Jay Scott, Fremont, 43-06

3rd: Jaron Tsosie, Roy, 41-10.50


1st: Lucas Walton, Bonneville, 150-05

2nd: Ryan Johnson, Weber, 139-10.50

3rd: Cannon Panfiloff, Roy, 124-06.50

Long jump

1st: Logan Tittle, Fremont, 20-11

2nd: Valentino Rivera, Fremont, 20-10.25

3rd: Daniel Holverson, Roy, 20-09.25

High jump

1st: Logan Tittle, Fremont, 6-06

2nd: Daniel Holverson, Roy, 6-00

3rd: Logan Martin, Weber, 6-00

Brett Hein and Patrick Carr contributed to this report.

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