Sammi Lee learned from last year's City-County cross country race.

In 2018, she started way too fast and ended up second behind Fremont runner Megan Terry.

Wednesday at the Weber County Fairgrounds, she started not as fast, ran a consistent pace and blew away the field, finishing the 5-kilometer race in 18:51.20.

Ogden's Kate Allred crossed the finish line in second place 44.9 seconds later. Forty-four-point-nine seconds.

"I felt really good until about the last mile, the exhaustion kind of hit, but by that point there's the adrenaline of knowing you're almost done," Lee said.

Lee said that since she faded over the last mile last year, she was worried the same thing would happen again. But she wasn't going to let a huge lead slip away.

She was almost done catching her breath by the time Allred jogged across the finish line. Lee had to wait nearly two minutes before one of her Warrior teammates finished the race.

"A lot of the spectators were like, 'Oh they're a ways back, don't even worry about it,' but last year, the girl behind me was way back and then she passed me in the last mile so that kind of pushed me to go faster this year," Lee said.

For the second year in a row, Ogden pipped Weber and Fremont, who both tied for second place with 63 points, and won the girls' team title. 

Allred took second, followed by Bonita Gray (third), Tate Beasley (eighth), Sasha Willie (12th) and Chloe Caldwell (13th).

There was another first-time winner in the boys varsity race. Bonneville's Nathan Williams made sure a Laker runner took first for the second straight year by finishing in 16:22.6.

“I’ve never been in first before, so it was kind of a new experience,” Williams said.

When he crossed the finish line, it was more like stress relief to the Lakers senior. All week, he had been psyching himself up to do everything right come race time.

"I've never really been able to lead a race or be in a spot like this, so it was kind of nerve-racking being in the front the last two miles," Williams said.

Williams said he was a little surprised that he was out in front for that long.

His plan was to stay with the lead pack of runners for the first mile and then figure out how much of a gap he could get from them. 

It turns out the gap was a little more than 14 seconds, not quite as dominant as Lee in the girls race, but Williams was in position to high-five teammate Jared Wayment when Wayment crossed the finish line in second place.

Shortly behind the Bonneville 1-2 duo was Weber's pack of five runners who ran well enough to clinch the team title for the Warriors by a slim margin over Ogden. 

Anderson Songer (fourth), Isaac Simmons (seventh) and Everett Scott (ninth) were all honored afterward for finishing in the top 10, but Weber's team title wasn't secured until junior Mason Froerer took 11th place — two spots ahead of Ogden's Thomas Doxey — and sophomore Sam Hedges finished 14th, one spot ahead of Ogden's Carter Draper.



1. Sammi Lee, Weber, 18:51.2

2. Kate Allred, Ogden, 19:36.1

3. Bonita Gray, Ogden, 19:52.8

4. Samantha Olson, Fremont, 19:55.8

5. Hallie Morris, Fremont, 19:58.2

6. Hallie Noorda, Roy, 20:21.1

7. Kate Peterson, Bonneville, 20:21.3

8. Tate Beasley, Ogden, 20:21.7

9. Addison Dalton, Fremont, 20:21.7

10. Bailey Beckstrom, Morgan, 20:24.6


1. Nathan Williams, Bonneville, 16:22.6

2. Jared Wayment, Bonneville, 16:36.7

3. Sam Boehm, Ogden, 16:40.4

4. Anderson Songer, Weber, 16:44.4

5. Jack Blodget, Ogden, 16:46.4

6. Luke Crossley, Roy, 16:47,8

7. Isaac Simmons, Weber, 16:54.6

8. Gabe Sargent, Morgan, 16:54.7

9. Everett Scott, Weber, 16:57.6

10. Kaleb Bowles, Morgan, 17:06.7



1. Ogden, 38

2. Weber, 63

3. Fremont, 63

4. Roy, 112

5. Bonneville, 113

6. Morgan, 126


1. Weber, 45

2. Ogden, 53

3. Roy, 77

4. Bonneville, 94

5. Morgan, 102

6. Fremont, 143


The Davis District Championships were held Wednesday in Layton. Farmington High swept both team competitions.

The Phoenix saw five runners finish in the top 10 in the girls race and had seven finish in the top 10 in the boys race.

Farmington's Elisabeth Ferrell won the girls individual title while Bountiful's Dalton Mortensen held off Farmington's Rawson Spackman by 2.4 seconds to claim the boys individual title.


1. Elisabeth Ferrell, Farmington, 16:20.9

2. Emma Thornley, Layton, 16:43.1

3. Carlee Hansen, Woods Cross, 16:44.2

4. Marianne Barber, Farmington, 16:45.9

5. Chloe Christy, Farmington, 16:59.9

6. Lauren Thornley, Layton, 17:00.6

7. Hailey Low, Layton, 17:07.1

8. Trisha Thompson, Bountiful, 17:13.1

9. Lucy Orison, Farmington, 17:41.1

10. Brooke Taylor, Farmington, 17:53.3


1. Dalton Mortensen, Bountiful, 14:01.2

2. Rawson Spackman, Farmington, 14:03.7

3. Adam Wall, Farmington, 14:09.3

4. Nick Murray, Layton, 14:21.9

5. Jalen Anderton, Farmington, 14:23.3

6. Simon Mitchell, Farmington, 14:24.9

7. Ryan Bennett, Farmington, 14:27.7

8. Garrett Direda, Farmington, 14:28.2

9. Jackson Black, Layton, 14:29.2

10. Isaac Halverson, Farmington, 14:29.8



1. Farmington, 29

2. Layton, 54

3. Bountiful, 98

4. Davis, 105

5. Northridge, 105

6. Woods Cross, 135

7. Syracuse, 220


1. Farmington, 23

2. Davis, 74

3. Bountiful, 83

4. Woods Cross, 97

5. Layton, 118

6. Northridge, 187

7. Syracuse, 200

8. Clearfield, 214

9. Viewmont, 261

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