MH 100617 Box Elder Roy 36

Box Elder battles Roy on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017, at Box Elder High School in Brigham City. Roy went on to defeat Box Elder, 14-6.

Below are standings tables for regions in Northern Utah.

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Standings as of Oct. 7

For regions including teams in Standard-Examiner coverage area


Region 1

 OverallRegionTeam PPGOpp PPGLast GameNext Game
z - Weber7-15-033.116.0at Fremont: W 28-2010/13: Layton
y - Northridge5-34-222.514.4at Davis: W 28-310/18: at Woods Cross
Syracuse5-33-222.618.0at Clearfield: W 38-1410/13: at Davis
Fremont5-33-222.518.6Weber: L 20-2810/13: Clearfield
Clearfield4-42-316.918.5Syracuse: L 14-3810/13: at Fremont
Davis1-71-410.323.0Northridge: L 3-2810/13: Syracuse
Layton0-80-57.832.0at Bountiful: L 9-3110/13: at Weber

z - Clinched Region Title

y - Clinched Playoff Spot


Region 5

 OverallRegionTeam PPGOpp PPGLast GameNext Game
x - Viewmont6-23-024.618.3Woods Cross: W 22-710/13: at Bountiful
y - Bountiful5-32-118.114.4Layton: W 31-910/13: Viewmont
y - Roy4-42-223.023.6at Box Elder: W 14-610/18: at Layton
Woods Cross5-31-222.614.8at Viewmont: L 7-2210/13: Box Elder
Box Elder3-50-319.422.1Roy: L 6-1410/13: at Woods Cross

x - Clinched Share of Region Title

y - Clinched Playoff Spot


Region 11

 OverallRegionTeam PPGOpp PPGLast GameNext Game
x - Stansbury5-34-034.627.0Ben Lomond: W 64-1310/12: Bonneville
y - Bonneville4-43-123.625.5Tooele: W 47-1710/12: at Stansbury
Park City4-42-220.118.8at Ogden: W 44-1410/12: at Tooele
Tooele4-42-231.629.6at Bonneville: L 17-4710/12: Park City
Ogden2-61-320.535.8Park City: L 14-4410/13: vs. Ben Lomond (at Weber State)
Ben Lomond0-80-412.828.6at Stansbury: L 13-6410/13: vs. Ogden (at Weber State)

x - Clinched Share of Region Title

y - Clinched Playoff Spot

Region 12

 OverallRegionTeam PPGOpp PPGLast GameNext Game
x - Sky View8-04-034.413.9Green Canyon: W 42-2110/13: Ridgeline
y - Mountain Crest7-13-131.614.8Logan: W 41-710/13: at Green Canyon
y - Ridgeline5-33-132.321.6Bear River: W 23-2110/13: at Sky View
Bear River4-41-317.113.5at Ridgeline: L 21-2310/13: Logan
Green Canyon2-61-322.537.1at Sky View: L 21-4210/13: Mountain Crest
Logan1-70-416.037.1at Mountain Crest: L 7-4110/13: at Bear River

x - Clinched Share of Region Title

y - Clinched Playoff Spot


 OverallRegionTeam PPGOpp PPGLast GameNext Game
x - Morgan6-24-026.524.4Carbon: W 39-710/13: Union
y - Grantsville4-43-127.421.3Judge Memorial: W 41-010/13: Emery
y - Union5-33-133.130.4Emery: W 52-1410/13: at Morgan
Judge Memorial3-51-319.635.3at Grantsville: L 0-4110/13: Carbon
Emery1-71-315.532.3at Union: L 14-5210/13: at Grantsville
Carbon0-80-414.430.6at Morgan: L 7-3910/13: at Judge Memorial

x - Clinched Share of Region Title

y - Clinched Playoff Spot


 OverallRegionTeam PPGOpp PPGLast GameNext Game
Duchesne6-11-020.711.9Rich: W 27-710/13: at Altamont
Layton Christian5-31-014.817.9Altamont: W 32-810/13: at Rich
Altamont4-30-114.920.7at Layton Christian: L 8-3210/13: Duchesne
Rich2-50-19.020.9at Duchesne: L 7-2710/13: Layton Christian

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