KAYSVILLE — This game bordered on unbelievable.

Down 5-0 after an inning and a half, Davis put 13 consecutive batters on base in the bottom of the second and scored eight runs to recover from a sloppy start Wednesday afternoon.

Davis added more runs as the game went on — and needed them — before finally putting away Hunter 13-10 in the second round of the state 6A baseball playoffs.

The Darts combined eight hits — including Jake Wendt’s two-run homer — four walks and an error for the snowman in the second inning and could have had more, as two runners were thrown out at the plate.

“It was just a fantastic string of confidence at the plate. Guys just watching the guy in front of them getting a hit and then picking up the bat and doing the same thing,” Davis coach Josh Godfrey said. “It just snowballed; just watching it roll down the hill and everyone getting on board.”

Three runs in the fourth inning and two more in the fifth gave the Darts their margin of victory as Hunter matched its five runs in the first two innings with five more in the final two frames.

“Eight is great, but two or three an inning is usually going to win you most ballgames,” Godfrey said.

Parker Jensen factored in all three innings the Darts scored, rapping a two-run single in the second, an RBI double in the fourth and a sacrifice fly in the fifth.

“After the first at-bat yesterday, I kind of relaxed and loosened up and the ball was easier to see,” Jensen said. “In that second at-bat I was just trying to put it through the right side and it worked out well.”

Bryson Hales went 2 for 3 with three RBI, a run scored and a walk. Zack Hoskins scored three runs and had two hits, while Zack Mansfield, Adam Hackmeister and Jensen plated two runs apiece.

Things did not look good early for the Darts, coming out flat and getting in a quick 5-0 hole, committing three errors and handing Hunter a big inning without a hit.

“We were coming off that walk-off grand slam the day before. We told them to be ready to play and they weren’t,” Godfrey said. “I said a little choice word or two and said let’s get ready to play baseball now.”

Starting pitcher Codey Christensen weathered the storm and lasted five innings for the win. He only allowed three hits, striking out six, but walked five and survived the faulty fielding before the Davis bullpen mopped up the last two innings.

“I thought it was going to be kind of a rough game, but we came out after that and put up a bunch of runs that really changed the mood. Then I felt pretty confident getting those extra innings,” Christensen said.

Davis (20-6) now advances to a quarterfinal game at 4:30 p.m. Monday, May 21, against Bingham at Utah Valley University, but cannot commit the seven errors it did Wednesday and expect good results.

“We were just trying to do too much. There are times when you just have to eat the ball,” Godfrey said. “There was some bonehead stuff that made us look like the Bad News Bears out there.”

“We have to be ready to play (Monday); can’t make those errors. We need to clean up some things and we will.”

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