Glen Urry yard decorations

Glen Urry stands next to his display of MLB flags in his front yard in Roy on Monday, Oct. 8, 2018.

ROY — Glen Urry is a passionate, lifelong Atlanta Braves fan, so October is his favorite month of the year.

His wife, Shantel, also loves October. Her favorite holiday of the year is Halloween and to say she goes all-out in decorating the front yard would be an understatement.

Together, their front-yard decorations make for a can’t-miss scene in Roy.

Urry bought flags of the Major League Baseball teams competing in this year’s playoffs, made some flag poles out of PVC pipe and stuck them in the ground in the front yard of their house.

“My kids got me a Braves flag for Christmas or something, so I made a flag pole and for Opening Day I said, ‘I ought to get all the flags and line them all up along here,’” he said. “I never did get that far, but I thought, ‘Well I can do it for the postseason.’”

The flags are right next to the array of skeletons, spiders, cobwebs and black and orange decorations that Shantel has put on the other side of the yard, the front porch, the walkway and in the living room.

Urry’s been a baseball fan since he was little, particularly enjoying watching Dale Murphy and then becoming a Braves fan by default.

“You were either a Cubs fan watching WGN or a Braves fan watching TBS,” he said.

On this particular Monday, he walks into the living room wearing a Braves jacket and a Braves t-shirt underneath. The living room’s usual pictures have been replaced by Halloween-themed art.

In the front yard, Shantel is arranging Halloween decorations. A lot of them, she says, she bought after last Halloween. Life-size replicas of Jack Skellington and Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” both flank the front door.

Urry’s fandom doesn’t end with the flags. He’s been to about a dozen Major League ballparks, including the old Comiskey Park in Chicago and Tiger Stadium in Detroit, but he hasn’t made it to Atlanta yet. He hopes to someday.

Urry says he has about 12 flags right now and might do the full display next April for Opening Day. But for now, if you think your front yard decorations are the best in town, have a look at the Urry house first.

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