Aubrey Argyle


Aubrey Argyle

Davis Cross Country

Grade Level:Junior

Position:No. 1 or No. 2





TV Show:SpongeBob SquarePants

Movie:The Amazing Spider-Man

Music Group:Twenty One Pilots and Sam Smith

Book:"Books by Nicholas Sparks."


Favorite Athlete:Jordan Hasay

Role Model:"My family."

What I'd like to win a lifetime supply of:Socks

Hobby:Hang out with friends, cook and sing in the shower

Board Game/Card Game:Settlers of Catan and Scum

Website/app/video game:Pinterest

Biggest Sports Thrill:"My sophomore year when I went to New York for indoor nationals to run the 5k when I took fourth to become an All-American."

Best advice I've ever received:"It's not done until it's done and it's not won until it's won." (Mary Cain)

Last week's accomplishments:Argyle, the class 5A state record holder in the two-mile (10:35) tied for first (17:16) along with teammates Ally Geisler and Courtney Wayment at the Davis Country Cross Country Championships.

Athlete on own performance:"This year I'm pretty excited team-wise. We just got a new girl (Wayment) that moved in and she's going to the help a lot. Everything is shaping up for a good season. I haven't quite peaked yet. We're taking it easier on workouts because we peaked too early last year. We're trying to save it for state and the postseason. I feel like every year you gain experience so you know how to race better and make your move, but each year it's a little harder to get your times down. As a team we want to win state for girls and boys and we want to qualify in Arizona for nationals in Oregon and be able to make it on the podium there."

Coach on athlete performance:"She's had some good races and we're excited about what's coming up. Aubrey is a hard worker and she has so much personality. She's determined and can be serious but she can also can be lighthearted and sweet. She's so nice to (her teammates) and her competitors. She's so dedicated and committed. She puts her whole heart into what she's doing and into the team. She's a great leader through the way she treats people and the way she works."

After High School: "I want to run in college and see what happens after that. I really want to study physical therapy."

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