Dallin Leatham


Dallin Leatham

Viewmont Cross Country

Grade Level:Senior

Position:No. 1





TV Show:America's Got Talent


Music Group:Pitbull

Book:The Lord of the Rings


Favorite Athlete:"My coach Dave Chowen and Alan Parker."

Role Model:(Former teammate) Scott Snow

What I'd like to win a lifetime supply of:Clothes

Hobby:"I love canoeing."

Board Game/Card Game:California Speed

Website/app/video game:Snapchat

Biggest Sports Thrill:"I would have to say way back in sixth grade when I was a little chubbier than I am now and I was never really the fast kid. We were running the mile at school and my sister said to never stop jogging and that I'd do all right. I ended up finishing second and it motivated me to work hard and get in shape."

Best advice I've ever received:"My coach has always told us that a lot of running is mental. So if I run a good mental race then I can beat people that are physically better than me."

Last week's accomplishments:Leatham took the individual title at the Davis Country Cross Country Championships held Wednesday at Layton Commons Park. He finished with a time of 14:06, three seconds ahead of the second place finisher.

Athlete on own performance:"(This season) has been going really great. I went into the race expecting to win, because I've been running really well this year. I beat the course record by one second. Last year I had a really bad injury and didn't run in every race. I had a leg problem and I also didn't have a single race where I didn't black out. This has been the first year that I've been able to run my times because my freshman year I got my appendix out three weeks before region and then I had a knee problem my sophomore year.I've been trying to shoot for the state title this year. I also want to be an All-American."

Coach on athlete performance:"Dallin is an extremely hard worker. Ever since the eighth grade when he realized that he had some talent he has been extremely dedicated and just soaks up everything. He's still learning the mental aspect of the sport and once he puts the mental aspect with the physical attributes that he has, he's going to be one scary runner. I've seen him grow this year. He's realized the gift that he has."

After High School: "I'm not entirely sure. I'm trying to decide if I want to go on an (LDS Church) mission or not and which college I'd like to sign with. I'm thinking about studying biology."

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