Encouragement for Republicans

Jan 16 2013 - 3:17pm

Conservative Republicans have reason to be optimistic about the future. President Barack Obama has four more years to build up or tear down this country. 

Preventing further destruction of our constitutional representative form of government will be largely in the hands of conservatives of either political party. The problems we face are solvable, history will deal harshly with those who dither away the opportunity to do so.

The good news: Obama can't run for a third term unless he can change the Constitution; so far he has only been able to subvert it by using presidential executive orders. The history of presidential elections shows that American voters have a tendency to throw out the party in power after two terms.

Hillary Clinton has a questionable political future with age and health concerns, as well as other baggage. Has Bill Clinton commented publicly on his wife's condition? She is being touted as being the best ever secretary of state, presumably on the strength of having logged a million air miles. 

Best ever? Some of us put Henry Kissinger, Jim Baker, George Shultz, Condoleezza Rice, Dean Rusk, John Foster Dulles and Madeleine Albright in the greatness category but the national liberal lapdog press has its own agenda, which certainly does not include standards for judging greatness.

Vice President Joe Biden would be a non-starter in 2016 for obvious reasons. The king of faux pas should quietly retire or go into show biz as a stand-up comedian. His performance in the VP debates had everyone laughing while scratching their heads. His erratic behavior seemed to indicate that he was on "something" and it wasn't a "roll." The national media dismisses his aberrant behavior as just "Joe being Joe." Did you ever hear them say that Dick Cheney was just being Cheney or Dan Quayle just being Quayle?

Although Romney lost the election, more voters saw him as being better able to manage the economy than Obama. The president has never produced a budget of any consequence and has been missing in action in debt control. The administration's growth in government spending is alarmingly reckless and the president shows no sign of changing course. 

President Obama's tendency to be a would-be dictator is demonstrated by his desire to have no debate on the debt ceiling. Apparently, the ceiling is meaningless and he just wants to spend us into prosperity.

More good news; Republicans have time to build more positive relationships with voters, particularly among minorities, especially Hispanics. They have time to create better solutions to stem the out-of-control growth of entitlement programs and can make the case for taking a better course than that of Democrats, whose only answer is to spend more and create more programs and agencies. Republicans have their work cut out for them in the next four years, but should be encouraged by factors favorable for regaining power. 

Once the full impact of continual deficit spending and raising taxes on everyone sinks in, even the "Coffee Party" folks will be spiking their favorite brew to dull the pain.

The core problem with the current administration is that it's loaded with elite intellectuals who for the most part are educated beyond their intelligence. Just ask yourself; would intelligent people increase government spending when our national debt threatens to overpower economic growth? Would they add more restrictions and taxes on small business entrepreneurs who create most of the jobs? Would they entangle us with restrictive alliances that give away our resources and sovereignty? Would they invalidate our Constitution by subverting it with executive orders and misinterpretation? The answer is, of course not? But of course, progressive liberals would do so and are doing so. 

History will deal harshly with those who squander our future and bring this country to its knees. The problems we face are solvable if we act with intelligence and goodwill. 

The question is; where are we now? More importantly, who will guide us to a better future; the party that has little regard for the Constitution and wants to spend us into prosperity or one that is bound by the Constitution and promotes prosperity? 

For Republicans, there is good reason to be encouraged about the future and to live by conservative principles that create a better government and country. 

These qualities have never been needed more than now, and that can be the best news for Republicans and this country.

John W. Reynolds lives in Pleasant View.

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