The panic has set in. The two-week-old pizza box still sits in your room, “PROM?” written on the inside, haunting you as the days pass.

As time ticks by, the planning gets more and more serious. Day date? Done. Dinner? Done. Outfit? Oh no!

What are you going to wear to prom?

Everything is so expensive! Or nothing fits your style at all! What are you going to do?

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might think to avoid the dress stress. There are plenty of options when it comes to prom wear. Whether you want a long, elegant dress or a simple suit, there is something for you.

For dresses, there are lots of styles to choose from, which can make the process tricky. I suggest going online first, to a site like Pinterest, and looking up styles that you want to find, then go out on the hunt. Search for a particular color or style and screenshot it. Showing this to store clerks can help them find your style quickly.

Dillards in Ogden or Layton has a pretty substantial selection, ranging from slim floor-length dresses to cute skater-skirt ones. Dresses with bedazzled tops are never going out of style, and many will be stocked here, but there are simple, solid colors with no extra sparkle available as well.

Worried about the price? It’s not going to break your wallet. Check out the store’s clearance rack for some on-sale dresses that still look amazing.

Once Upon A Whimsy in Syracuse is a shop specifically for dresses, with a price range from $40 to $150. To come here, you have to set up an appointment, but with one-on-one customer service and the shop’s large variety of dresses, you’re bound to find the perfect one.

For those who are more into the suit and tie look, there are still many options, whether you want the simple black-and-white style or something more along the lines of the colorful powder blue and orange outfits in “Dumb and Dumber.”

Azure Bridal in Sunset allows you to sit down and look through books full of different suits, with the lowest prices starting around $70. You can choose to buy the suit, which will up the price. You pick the style, then the color of the tie and vest, and then the employees measure you. After getting all of your information down, they’ll send it out and your suit can be there in as little as two days, with an extra cost of $15, but this makes it a perfect last-minute option.

If you’re looking to specifically buy because you know you’re headed to a lot of dances, you can go through C & R Tuxedos in Ogden, which orders through Jim’s Formal Wear and offers purchases and rentals. Online, you “build your tux.” Pick a style, shirt, tie and more, with a huge selection. Starting at the more pricey side of options ($155), it’s a place you really want to commit to before buying.

There is also always the thrift shop option. Prom is very expensive and you have a tight budget to stick to. Head to Ross for some more modern outfits. But if you’re not picky, Savers can save your prom night. Both are the cheaper options of prom wear, but maybe you can find something amazing.

Or if you know someone who already has the outfit of your dreams, ask if you can borrow it! Just make sure you don’t spill anything on it!

Remember that no matter how hectic prom can get, the moment you find the perfect outfit, it’s all worth it.

Reagan Housley is a junior at Fremont High School. Email her at

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