When the month of August rolls around, most teens have one thing on their minds. School is right around the corner, and their perfect summer is about to end.

Luckily for teens in Box Elder County, there is one more thought that saves us from giving up on our last few weeks of summer — the Box Elder County Fair.

Beginning in 1925, the Box Elder County Fair has become an annual county tradition and a favorite of people from all over the area. Even if you don’t live in Box Elder County, you can still come and enjoy the sights and sounds of the fair.

This year’s fair will be held Aug. 18-25 at the Box Elder County Fairgrounds with the theme of “Making Tracks” in anticipation of the 150th birthday of the driving of the golden spike at nearby Promontory Summit. The spike ceremony marked the completion of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad in 1869.

Free admission means everyone can experience this unique fair environment — even the penny pinchers. Looking through the art exhibit, checking out the livestock, listening to and watching the performances at the bandstand and walking around enjoying the social aspect are all free activities at the fair.

For those who aren’t so tightfisted with their green, many food stands, vendor booths, carnival rides and a nightly rodeo are also available.

My three personal favorite things to do at the fair are to get a cheeseburger, check out the fine arts exhibit and watch the rodeo!

Make it cheesy, please

Ever since I can remember, my family has kicked off our fair week by getting a Farm Bureau cheeseburger on the Wednesday of the week of fun. Something about a charred hamburger patty with a nice slice of cheese is always enjoyable, but once you add a little ketchup with some freshly sliced tomatoes and onions, the burger becomes a masterpiece.

You can’t go wrong with any of the food selections available at the fair, but I’m a definite advocate for the “Fair Burger,” as we call it in my family. Fairly, no pun intended, inexpensive cheeseburgers like these are something that you absolutely must try if you’re a burger lover and you go to the fair.

Cool art

Another fair necessity is looking through the fine arts exhibit. Not only is it a nice place to cool off, thanks to the new air-conditioned building, but it’s also incredible to see what kind of talents people have. From woodworking to quilting, there is some kind of art out there that will interest you. It’s always fun to look through the drawings and paintings, as well as the photography. If you’re a photography lover, you should definitely check this out.

On a sweltering August day at the fair, a cool seat can be hard to come by, but if you hang around in this great building for long enough, you’ll find one! It seems that no matter how many times I walk through this building during the week of the fair, I notice something new each time. Looking for names of people who you know who submitted the exhibit pieces is always fun because you never know whose name you’ll be able to recognize.

Rodeo up

The final thing that I would recommend doing while at the fair is attending the Golden Spike Rodeo. All of the great classic rodeo events can be enjoyed in a high-energy environment with plenty of seating. The events starts at 8 p.m. nightly from Wednesday, Aug. 22, through Saturday, Aug. 25.

If the regular show isn’t going to be enough for you, make sure to catch the pre-rodeo every night starting at 6:45 p.m. To find more details and nightly prices for the rodeo, you can visit the website at www.goldenspikerodeo.com.

Not only is it fun to go with friends and family, but the rodeo can be a great date idea too. Friday is always Tough Enough to Wear Pink breast cancer awareness night, so bring a date and make sure to wear your best pink shirts. Just don’t end up getting caught on the kiss cam!

As we near the end of our summer, don’t get into a slump quite yet. There’s still the Box Elder County Fair to look forward to attending. Even if you’ve never been to the fair before, grab a group of friends or a date and try it out. I’d say that it’s definitely worth the trip. There are so many great things to look at, foods to try, and people to meet.

Enjoy your last little bit of summer, and I’ll see you at the fair!

London Maynard is a recent graduate of Bear River High School. Email her at londonmaynard.tx@gmail.com.

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