Around this time of year, a lot of people like to go through a routine organizing and tidying phase known as “spring cleaning.”

As the sun comes out, it seems people’s motivation to clean things does too. Besides, a lot of your house needs annual cleaning, and what better time to do it than when winter is finally ending and summer is on its way?

You may be feeling the urge to tidy up, but simply cleaning your house isn’t enough. If you want to make more of a change in your habits, here are some ways to organize your life, just in time for spring cleaning fever.

Organize your schoolwork

The most frustrating thing about school is finishing assignments on time. If you’re feeling the fourth-quarter slump, a way to remedy that might be to reorganize your backpack.

By putting your assignments in folders by class or according to what’s due first, it can make school less stressful and make you feel more on top of things. Even if you just reorganize your pencils, it can help you be more ready for school and cure a spring-cleaning fix all in one.

Sort out your clothes

Everyone has some items in their dresser or closet they haven’t worn in a while. By going through your clothes, you will not only declutter where they’re kept, but maybe also rediscover clothes you’ve totally forgotten about.

If you decide to get rid of anything, there are thrift stores in the area that accept donations, or you could have a clothing swap with friends. Either of these options will benefit other people and create more organization for you.

Make a list of goals

Whether it’s to accomplish a math assignment, save up for a car, bike 3 miles every day, or anything in between, we all have something we want to do.

By making a list of all these things we want done, it’s easier to see the steps needed and even how the goals can build on each other.

The goals can be super simple, like going to sleep at an earlier time each night, or very detailed and more ambitious. But by listing all you want to achieve, you can easily prioritize and organize your life.

If you choose to do one or several of these organizing tips, you’ll have found a different way to approach spring cleaning. Instead of exclusively cleaning your house, you will also have made a bigger impact in your daily life that will help you feel more organized and less stressed year-round.

Annie Roe is a sophomore at Ogden High School. She enjoys theater, reading and watching romantic comedies. She can be contacted at

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