Find yourself scatterbrained while studying?

Turning on something to listen to always helps, but sometimes music can distract you even more. That old playlist of all your favorite songs is just too good to not fully listen to, and no music at all makes every other sound so much more bothersome.

Maybe some new suggestions could help. Here are some background noise tips for a good study session.


Myth: Classical music does not make you smarter. But it does improve mood and mental health. So when listening to a symphony while studying, it may not release your inner genius, but it will help you feel better while working. This will improve focus and ability, which will lead to a better score in the long run. Find a good playlist on your favorite music app and get to it!

Make a playlist

If none of the playlists you pick are doing it for you, make your own! Usually the songs that you know are distracting, as all you want to do is sing and dance along. As you listen during your free time, add new songs that interest you to a playlist specific for studying. Then the unknown words will become background noise but still be enjoyable.


It may be silly, but for those who enjoy these autonomous sensory meridian response videos, they're a great type of "study music." Make a playlist on YouTube of your favorite videos (typically relaxation videos featuring ordinary sounds) and press play when you’re sitting down to a book. Not only will it relax you, but it makes the studying enjoyable and will help you finish the assignment more quickly. Of course, this doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a shot.


If you’re distracted by people talking, this isn’t the way for you, but if you can find a good station, you’re set from there. People talking about nothing is great white noise, or you can find one about the subject you’re studying for an added layer of learning.

Audio books

What if you’re short on time, have a ton of assignments and have to read a book? Don’t worry. Listen to the book while working on your other assignments. The reading of the book may not be as in depth, but it’s better than nothing. And when you go back to finish that book assignment, you’ll be able to recall information from when you were listening to it and save a bunch of time, all while getting other assignments done. It’s perfect for a study session

Everyone has their own type of background noise. Maybe you like complete silence and your best choice is some earplugs.

But music, podcasts, books or even ASMR can help improve your studying ability and increase your chances of getting a better score. So turn on those tunes and grab a highlighter; it’s time to study.

Reagan Housley is a junior at Fremont High School. Email her at

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