1. Haggis. It’s basically sheep organs boiled in a sheep stomach. Yum.

2. Black pudding. Ever get a craving for congealed pig blood, fat and oatmeal? Yeah, me too.

3. Eel pie. Like chicken pot pie, but with ... eels. Jellied eels are also a classic (read “disgusting”) British meal.

4. Mince pie. Because dried fruit, fruit peels and the kidney fat from cows obviously go well together.

5. Periwinkle. Boiled garlic sea snails. ‘Nough said.

6. Shrimp on toast. Not even normal shrimp. It’s shrimp pickled in nutmeg-butter. Like, what?

7. Stargazy pie. Similar to eel pie, it’s boiled fish in a pastry with a circle of fish heads on top, standing up so they “gaze at the stars.”

8. Beans for breakfast. Also spread on toast.

9. Marmite. Salty brewer’s yeast extract paste that’s, wait for it, spread on toast. Seriously, what is with Britain and putting weird things on toast?

10. Laver bread. It’s really just a boiled glob of seaweed.

— McKenzie Leininger, Bonneville High

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