Tim Vandenack

Lamont Hampton, left, stands with Scott and Suzette Gore, center, and Misty Tucker, right, at the food bank at the Open Doors office in Layton…

A message on a whiteboard in a room at the Open Doors office in Layton on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020.

Property tax bills for Weber County property owners have been mailed and are due Nov. 30, 2020. The image shows a bill with identifying data removed.

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We did a story about Kathie Darby's candidacy earlier: http://www.standard.net/Politics/2018/02/28/West-Haven-s-Kathie-Darby-plans-to-vie-again-for-Utah-HouseThere are so many candidates, we've written about them as we've learned about them to keep on top of things. News of her candidacy eme…


I wrote the story for the Standard-Examiner and received a message about donating. Though I included a link to their FB page, there's info on the Blue Line Ladies website about donating, for those interested. Website is at https://bluelineladies.com. 


I'm Tim Vandenack, writer of the story. Other point proponents have made -- managing chicken coops is an educational opportunity for kids, chickens eat insects in the yard, chicken droppings serve as fertilizer. Those are some of the other points backers have made.