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Myrna Hart holds her dog, Lisa, outside of the Weber Housing Authority offices. After being homeless, Hart is currently in housing with assistance from the housing authority.

'They accept different races, religions and people'

Myrna Hart is a well-known fixture among the local homeless community. She can often be seen around town with her small dog, Lisa.

“She was a homeless dog, too,” Hart explains.

Although currently housed, Hart has spent her share of time living on the streets of Ogden. But that experience hasn’t changed her feelings about her hometown.

“I love Ogden,” said 65-year-old Hart, who was born and raised here and attended Ogden High School.

Above all else, Hart describes Junction City as “accepting.”

“They accept different races, religions and people,” Hart said. “Handicapped people, people with all kinds of problems. They don’t judge you. They help you out when you need to talk to somebody. I try to do that, too.”

Hart says she also loves the beauty of the surrounding mountains and describes Ogden’s hiking trails as “excellent.” She particularly loves the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, as well as the area around Fort Buenaventura.

If there’s one thing Hart would change about Ogden, it’s the substance abuse among some residents.

“I’ve seen it in my neighbors,” she says. “With drugs and alcohol, people get stupid on it, and they get belligerent. I think our problems would go away if we could just get rid of drugs and alcohol.”

She also wishes the city would go easier on animals.

“I don’t like to see dogs and cats go to the pound,” she said. “It’s like going to jail.”

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