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Weber County schools getting lax cooperation from some exposed to COVID-19

OGDEN — Lack of cooperation from students and others exposed to the COVID-19 virus has emerged as a concern as health officials try to keep its spread in check, according to Brian Cowan, head of the Weber-Morgan Health Department. The case numbers in the Weber and Ogden school districts "are still manageable," he told Weber County commissioners this week. "But in working with the school districts, we are learning that we’re not getting very much cooperation with isolation and quarantine.” That is, some students and others in schools who have contact with someone who has the ...

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Letter: Virus spread in schools was a preventable problem

Only a week and a half into the new school year and my unvaccinated daughter (ineligible for the vaccine due to her age) was exposed to Covid 19 in a largely unmasked classroom where she and a small handful of masked students had come hoping to learn in a safe environment. We waited in a two ...