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Weber County Library decries unsavory behavior at Lester Park; changes planned

OGDEN — Staff at the main branch of the Weber County Library are eager to see changes come to city-run Lester Park, which they describe as a hub of illegal behavior. Various illicit activities at the park surrounding the downtown library have reportedly caused many issues over the last few decades, they say, citing public disturbances requiring police presence, panhandling, vandalism, drug use and prostitution. Ogden Police Department Public Information Officer Lt. Will Farr said he couldn't recall any acts of prostitution at Lester Park, located at 663 24th St., regarding such ...

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Letter: Why would anyone vote for a Democrat?

A very wise man, Pres. Lincoln, said "A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both." That den of thieves in D.C. have done and are doing just that. As a result, America as a whole is paying the consequences for their actions. With the exception of a very few, those ...

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