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Ogden playwright commemorating breakout show with new performance

OGDEN — "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a playwright in our midst." Those were the words spoken by Mahonri Stewart’s theater professor at Utah Valley University after reading the 10-minute play he was assigned. “He took me aside after class and asked if the scene was from a larger ...

Ogden teen writes play about experience with Crohn’s disease

OGDEN — When Gerard Hernandez was in the sixth grade, he wanted to help other kids know what it’s like to live with a chronic illness. So he wrote a play about his own experience. The play, "Ballet For Aliens was picked up by Plan-B Theatre’s Free Elementary School Tour based in Salt ...

‘The Wizard of Oz’ at The Ziegfeld Theater

“The Wizard of Oz" is such a classic. Dorothy goes looking for something more and discovers she needn’t look past her own backyard. Whatever we think we need, we already have,” said Caleb Parry, director and executive producer at The Ziegfeld Theater in Ogden. Parry presented the ...