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Intermountain Healthcare to merge with SCL Health by 2022

SALT LAKE CITY — Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health have signed a letter of intent to merge. The announcement came during a press conference on Thursday. The merger, expected to close in early 2022, will provide high-quality, accessible and affordable health care to more communities ...

Catalytic converter thefts hit low-income car owners the hardest

Utah lawmakers are considering a crackdown on catalytic converter theft, in which criminals saw the emission control devices from cars and sell the precious metals found inside to a booming worldwide black market. Rep. Ryan Wilcox, a Republican who represents House District 7, covering North ...

Ogden High student had gun at school; police investigating

OGDEN — An Ogden High School student was found in possession of a firearm Wednesday morning and police are investigating. An employee became concerned about the male student, which resulted in a search, Ogden School District spokesperson Jer Bates said Thursday. The firearm was on school ...