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Ogden getting its first kitchen incubator program with O-Town Kitchen

OGDEN — Until the current school year, the building at 2563 Monroe Blvd. housed James Madison Elementary School. However, the school was shuttered and its students sent elsewhere amid changing populations and redrawn boundary lines. In the coming weeks, it will be bustling with activity once again as the site of a new kitchen incubator program. O-Town Kitchen — founded as a preserves company by Isaac Farley, who works in Weber State University's Office of Community Development — will serve as the anchor for what is being touted as the Ogden area's first shared kitchen space. ...

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Letter: Utah Republicans’ questionable Trump endorsement

100% of the Utah Republican legislators, including the Senate President and House Speaker, just endorsed Donald Trump in a proclamation they all signed declaring he best reflects the Utah Republican Party “core values”. This is a man that has been found to have committed substantial fraud, ...

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