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Comer: A feeling of gratitude for apostles and prophets

I first memorized who the prophets and apostles in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were when I was in seminary, a religious studies class geared toward high schoolers in the church. Four from that list still remain alive: Russell M. Nelson, now president of the church, Dallin ...

Tech Matters: A look into buying a new car online

Hold onto your seats, Amazon will begin selling cars next year. The company released its news at the Los Angeles Auto Show held earlier this month. Currently, the only automaker to partner with Amazon is Hyundai, but others are thought to be considering this new outlet. Amazon’s sales model ...

ATV Adventures: The longest day on an ATV

The year was 2006. My friend Eric Awerkamp from Arizona hatched the idea. He wanted to do one, long day ride. It was my job to pick the trail. The Paiute ATV Trail System immediately came to mind. The main trail in this system is marked with an Anasazi symbol known as “The Taz” because ...