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Commentary: Lessons from history still used in nursing today

Dec. 7, 1941, is a date that lives in infamy for nearly every American. Movies have been made about it, memorials created, and history has established it as the date that moved the United States into World War II. What is not often recognized is the impact the Pearl Harbor attack had on nursing ...

Fischer: Come and get your free money for homeownership

Anyone who has ever tried riding a box down the stairs, or perhaps attempted to send a sibling down the laundry chute, is acutely aware of the unintended consequences of acting on some hair-brained idea that “sounded good at the time.” Having been a party on more than one occasion to such ...

Churches defend clergy loophole in child sex abuse reporting

It was a frigid Sunday evening at the Catholic Newman Center in Salt Lake City when the priest warned parishioners who had gathered after Mass that their right to private confessions was in jeopardy. A new law would break that sacred bond, the priest said, and directed the parishioners to sign ...