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Amid strained US ties, China finds friend in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — China’s global campaign to win friends and influence policy has blossomed in a surprising place: Utah, a deeply religious and conservative state with few obvious ties to the world’s most powerful communist country. An investigation by The Associated Press has found that China and its U.S.-based advocates spent years building relationships with the state’s officials and lawmakers. Those efforts have paid dividends at home and abroad, the AP found: Lawmakers delayed legislation Beijing didn’t like, nixed resolutions that conveyed displeasure with its ...

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Letter: Utah getting rid of its flag. What’s next?

D. Louise Brown's article about changing the flag has more "good sense" in it than any other article about that subject that I have read. My question is: What will we get rid of next? The Pioneer Day Parade? Pioneers Days Celebrations? Just because our flag is different doesn't mean it is ...

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