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Fischer: Roaches’ reputation for resilience is well-earned

From the order of Blattodea, comes the Periplaneta americana, more commonly referred to as the cockroach. These hideously filthy, vagrant creatures are certainly unwelcome guests in anyone’s home. Once they have taken up residency, they are very difficult to evict. I have recently learned a ...

Conference Counsel: It really can all work out in the end

I once had a co-worker who told me he didn’t like going to a certain family member with his problems. I asked him why and he said because this family member always told him the same thing, and frankly, it wasn’t helpful. He said the family member always told him, “It will all work out ...

Fischer: Reflections on our one and only final resting place

For the record, I am currently living in my final resting place. This is the fourth final resting place I have lived in. Each time I have moved, I swear it is going to be my last. Of course, as all of us who are currently residing on this planet are well aware, we actually have one more final, ...