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Happy 50th Anniversary!: Max and Kandice (Faught) Matteucci

By Staff | Sep 29, 2019

Happy 50th Anniversary to our wonderful parents Max & Kandice (Faught) Matteucci.

Max & Kandice (Kandy) had a whirlwind romance! They met, fell in love and three months later were married in Santa Ana, California.

After Max got an honorable discharge from the Marines they moved to Utah. There they had two sons, Al, and Ray (Tressia) and a daughter, Kanya. They have three grandchildren, Kristapher, Braeden, and Kinley-Anne. They are now spending time together being camp hosts in the Ogden Valley.

Thank you for being a great example of a love story that has withstood through all of the trials and tribulations of life and time! May everyone find a love like yours! With love from your children.


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