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By Staff | Jul 21, 2019

July 21, 1921 ~ Sept 1, 2014

Hello, Mother,

Well, life just keeps marching on for those of us still sojourning through mortality. We keep trying to do our best while praying we do no harm.

We take pride and satisfaction in our accomplishments, which result in contributing to the betterment of ourselves and others.

We are keenly aware of our imperfections and appreciate the opportunities we are given to rise above them.

Your absence serves as a reminder every day of the love and concern you showed to all of us. You taught us that we are capable of making each day better than yesterday and raising the bar for all our tomorrows.

Your posterity keeps growing, as posterities do. We still pass on sweet memories of you and speak of you often, with laughter and humor; and sometimes with misty eyes.

We know all is well with you and look forward to a sure reunion.

We love you always.

Dennis and Sharyol, Justin, Trent, Ashley, Kylie, Bethany, McKenna, Corby, Ragen, Chelsie and their families.


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