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IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Tyler Benjamin Call

By Staff | Apr 22, 2020

Jun. 29, 1980 ~ Apr. 22, 2000

Hey Kiddo,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since you were taken from us. We have missed you so, so much! It brings comfort to us when we tell and re-tell stories about you, remembering your laugh, your thumbs up, or when we see a Ferrari, watching you comb your hair, pressing your clothes. Appearance was important to you. It brings comfort knowing you are in a safe and sound place. As each day passes it’s one more day closer until we can be together again. We Love You! – Until that Great Big Hug!

Love, Dad, Mom, Corey and Kim, Jeremy and Amy, Shaun and Tawney, Courtney and Matt, Chelsey and Bryon, Kali and Clay, Rylee, Hunter B. Alyssa, Carson, Kylie Tyler, Jaxson, Khloe, Kailyn, Kinsley, Maddie, Zaiya, Alexa Tyler, Skylar and Lily.


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