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August 11, 1955 ~ January 18, 2018My son, Juan its been two years since you been gone, but you are not forgotten.My heart still aches and tears still shed from my face. There's not a moment that I don't think of you. It's difficult to accept that I can not see you.There's no words that can ...

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Jerome Bernstein

Nov. 22, 1928 ~ Jan. 17, 1990We have counted every one of the 946,080,000 seconds that have elapsed since you shed your immobile mortal form and slipped away to fish celestial seas.Three granddaughters missed your exit by a breath. A grandson, two great-grandsons and two great-granddaughters ...

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Cathy Elaine Linder

Oct 23, 1958 ~ Jan 17, 2016Mom it's been four long years, we miss you so much. Not one day goes by that we don't think of you! We love you to the moon and back! ??? Love, Jeremiah, Cassie & Legend[gallery_header ids="1098646"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: James R Trimble, Jr.

June 9, 1934 ~ Jan 14, 2010Those we Love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday, unseen, unheard, we know they're near, still Loved, still missed and forever dear!???Love, your Family[gallery_header ids="1120296"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Filberto Montoya

June 7, 1933 ~ Jan 14, 2017Another year without YouOur hearts still ache as if it was yesterdayWhen God called you home he called uponThe most kind and loving Dad and Grandpa a person could ever haveHow I wish I could give you a big kiss on your cheek and hear your voiceLove and Miss you every ...


April 7, 1917 ~ Jan 13, 201010 Years Gone You are near.Even unseen, you are with us.In our hearts,In our thoughts,In our lives.Always.We miss you so much Dad.????Lorraine, Linda, Jon,Jayne, Dorothy, Boband Sallee[gallery_header ids="1015876"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Denise Ann Martinez

Sept 20, 1953~Jan 13, 2011It's been nine years since you left, still missing you and haven't stop loving you.???Mike & family? ? ?[gallery_header ids="956908"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Elias A. Quinones “Pancho”

Feb 11, 1940 ~ Jan 11, 2017It has been three years since you left me. I grieve for all the tomorrow's that will never be. I grieve because God holds you,instead... Of Me.? ? ?We miss you,Your Loving Wifeand Family[gallery_header ids="1158920"]


July 11, 1944 ~ Dec 30, 2018It seems like the holidays make us miss our loved ones even more. So many happy memories come flooding back. It has been a painful year. The first summer without you and our many summer trips. First Thanksgiving without you and now the painful Christmas without you. ...