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Michael David Hoffler

Jan 13, 2022

February 6, 1956 — January 8, 2022

Michael David Hoffler passed away suddenly leaving behind many family members and friends. He shared his love and precious time with his children and grandchildren leaving behind a legacy filled with sports, demanding work and an undying love for his family and friends.

As a twin, Mike was the gentle giant filled with exceptional patience and fortitude which allowed him to excel in athletics, academics, and a long-term successful professional career. At an incredibly early age, Mike collected baseball cards, mastered a curve ball, a great jump shot and was a walking encyclopedia of sports trivia. Mike had a gift of optimism that allowed him to see the absolute best in all people and life itself. His love for the desert sun, the running Utes and family will never be forgotten!

Mike is survived by his three children, Taylor, Michael with his wife Nina, and Paige along with her husband Chris and best friends Sherry and Greg followed by his grandchildren; Avery, Zay, Mila; his brother Brett and wife Deborah; niece, Allie, and nephew, Will; cousins, Trina, and Nick.

A celebration of Mike’s life will be held at The Arizona Biltmore Resort in The Cottage Court located at 2400 E Missouri Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, January 15th from 2-6 PM. Come celebrate and share your memories with friends and family!