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Colleen Raye Rammell

May 24, 2024

1965 – 2024

Colleen Raye Rammell, 58, passed away in her home, March 1, 2024. She was born on December 31, 1965, to Carol Ann Winther and James McPherson.

Colleen grew up in St. Anthony Park, St. Paul, Minnesota. Growing up Colleen was very athletic, and she loved being outdoors. Some of her favorite things to do were camping, ice skating, softball, gymnastics, and of course, fishing.

Colleen was a very talented, caring woman who had many gifts. One of them was her love of cleaning. She cleaned clients’ houses because she wanted to change people’s lives for the better and always had a wonderful eye for detail.

After her husband’s passing, she dedicated her life to providing for her family. She worked long hours at work and at home. After working her little tail off cleaning hotels such as The Radisson and The Marriot while taking care of three children and going to school. Colleen earned her bachelor’s degree in service management at Ashford University. Soon after she owned her own business, “Colleen’s Cleaning Services.”

Colleen loved all things green, the grass, the trees, and all the lakes. It was her favorite color. She lived to learn, laugh and love and help other people. She loved music, movies, the arts, and the sun.

Colleen loved life, her family and friends, and loved the people she cleaned for. She was one of the strongest, sweetest, most caring women on this earth and she will be greatly missed.

Colleen is survived by her daughter Madeline Raye Rammell, her youngest child Charles Holling Rammell and her granddaughter, Aubree Lillian Raye Dawber.

Colleen has now been reunited with her husband Charles Holling Rammell and her first-born child, Roland Leon Rammell.

Funeral Services will be Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at 11 am at St. Joseph Catholic Church, 514 24th Street, Ogden UT 84401.