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A walk through the Ogden Farmers Market

By Angelika Brewer - Special to the Standard-Examiner | Aug 12, 2022
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Abigail's Oven
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The Palate Gourmet family
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Heaven’s Best Butters CEO Lavarro Greer
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Misfit Mushrooms
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The Misfit Mushrooms booth
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Amanda Zachwieja of A to Z Creations
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Mel of Mel’s Jewelry

Farmers Market Ogden has been a 25th Street staple for years. Steadily growing and always impressive, the market serves vendors selling locally grown produce, handmade condiments, sauces, and other food items, along with art, jewelry, and other artisan creations.

Here are just a few of the vendors you can find on lower 25th Street every Saturday between May 28 and Sept. 10, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.:

  • Abigail’s Oven sells incredible loaves of bread, which Deann Armes of The Ogdenite says is her “favorite bread ever.” You can expect delicious baked goods, made with only the best ingredients when you buy from Abigail’s Oven. The bread is handmade and sustainably sourced. They even teach others to make it themselves with in-person and digital classes. Abigailsoven.com
  • Palate Gourmet is new to Ogden, bringing Louisiana spices, sauces, and New Orleans- style coffee right here to Utah. They offer a variety of goods, and invite you to taste for yourself before you buy. There is something for everyone at the Palate Gourmet booth. ShopPalateGourmet.com
  • Heaven’s Best Butter is a stop you can’t miss, with an enthusiastic host in angel wings named Lavarro. “There is nothing like it on earth” is the slogan you’ll find on the front of the Heaven’s Best Butter booth — and frankly, we must agree. Flavored butters are versatile in use, which makes them a great addition to your shopping list. Heaven’s Best Butter comes in all sorts of diverse and delicious flavors, perfect for baking, sautéing, or using as a spread. Heavensbestbutters.com
  • Misfit Mushrooms sells mushrooms, vegan mushroom jerky, mushroom grow kits, and more. Grown in Clearfield, these mushrooms are gorgeous to look at and a great place for mushroom lovers to get their products or learn to cultivate their own. Even if you don’t eat mushrooms, they are incredibly satisfying to look at, and it is worth the stop to see the small-scale mushrooms grown together. Instagram (@misfitmushrooms)
  • A to Z Creations is your stop for lightweight, engraved jewelry and ornaments. They carry a variety of styles, all of which are unique and wonderfully designed. From shapes and symbols to animals and trees, each pair stands out and makes it difficult to pick just one pair of earrings from this vendor. They also feature some fun stickers at their booth. Facebook (A to Z Creations/Amanda Zachwieja)
  • Mel’s Jewelry is a first-year vendor from Salt Lake City who brings beautifully designed stone jewelry to the market every Saturday. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets adorn the table, each one different than the next and abundant in character. The stones are beautifully cut and set, and every piece is a joy to look at. Meljewelz.com

Meet more vendors during your next visit to Farmers Market Ogden.

Follow the Farmers Market on Instagram (@farmersmarketogden) and visit farmersmarketogden.com for more information.


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