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By Christina Miller - Special to the Standard-Examiner | Aug 12, 2022
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“Anthology of Hope," a collection of poetry and prose.
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“Dear Weirdo” by Abraham Smith
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“Let the Wild Grasses Grow” by Kase Johnstun
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“Mail Ordered” by G. Louis Beard
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“Ogden: The Charles Maccarthy Photographs” by Sarah Langsdon
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“Sylvio Nosferatu” by R.E. Beebe
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“The Crow’s Head: The Chemical Marriage” by Adrian Stumpp
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“The Sum of Her Parts: Essays” by Siân Griffiths
9 / 9
“Untimely Women: Radically Recasting Feminist Rhetorical History” by Jason Barrett-Fox

Appease the Summer Doldrums with Works from Local Ink Slingers.

Looking for more ideas on how to fill these last summer days? Heat up your reading list with these local authors’ recently published works.

“Anthology of Hope”

A collection of poetry and prose curated, edited, and published by Glass Spider Publishing 2021.

The editor, Vince Font, tired of the constant news of Covid, anger, lack of compassion, and hate, and went looking for hope. This is a collection of poems and short stories that reminded him of the compassion, humanity, and hope that still exist even when the world feels dark.

“Dear Weirdo”

By Abraham Smith. Propeller Books, February 2022.

Dive into this book-length poem that explores love, loss, and home through Smith’s lyrical tromp through his own life.

“Let the Wild Grasses Grow”

By Kase Johnstun. Torrey House Press, October 2021.

A tribute to Johnstun’s grandparents, this is the love story of two friends who are separated by tragedy during their youth, but they are reunited during World War II. This story explores family, life dreams, survival, and love.

“Mail Ordered”

By G. Louis Beard. Glass Spider Publishing, 2022.

Camila, a strong, independent woman, is upended when her brothers force her into servitude and contractual obligation when they marry her off to a widower with two small children. Camila fights to regain control and return to her past life, but the local handsome sheriff makes her question if she wants a new life instead.

“Ogden: The Charles Maccarthy Photographs”

By Sarah Langsdon. Arcadia Publishing, 2021.

Explore early 20th-century Ogden through the lens of hobbyist photographer Charles Maccarthy. Maccarthy photographed family events, local events, and would even stop locals on the street to take their photos.

“Sylvio Nosferatu”

By R.E. Beebe. Glass Spider Publishing, 2022.

Book 8 of Beebe’s Sylvio Series will take you into a fantasy world in which a young witch learns to unlock her magic powers under the tutelage of a morally murky wizard, and the powerful vampire Sylvio Costa learns that the cost of his special ability might cause him to lose control of his mind and upset the balance between good and evil.

“The Crow’s Head: The Chemical Marriage”

By Adrian Stumpp. Self-published, 2022.

Enter a magical world, where Damian Lancaster is saved from gangsters by the woman of his nightmares, Nathalie Jevali. They must work together to solve the mystery that has brought them together, the Philosopher’s Stone.

“The Sum of Her Parts: Essays”

By Siân Griffiths. The University of Georgia Press, 2022.

With humor and personal insight, Griffiths explores women and their bodies, and how the parts of women’s bodies have been used for political ends. She examines what women’s body parts represent within U.S. culture and society through essays discussing the Winchester Mystery House, bra shopping, Wonder Woman, and more.

“Untimely Women: Radically Recasting Feminist Rhetorical History”

By Jason Barrett-Fox. Ohio State University Press, 2022.

Never classified as feminists — this book looks at the lives of three working women from the early 20th century to see how they navigated and circumvented the male gatekeepers of their industries as they rose to the top of their fields. Learn how the lives of Mae West, actor and icon; Anita Loos, screenwriter; and Marcet Haldeman-Julius, journalist and publisher, expand and open what is defined as feminist rhetoric.

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