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Local mother Alexis Knight publishes her first book of poetry

By Angelika Brewer - Special to the Standard-Examiner | Sep 16, 2022
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Alexis Knight
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"The Secrets of the Phoenix" by Alexis Knight

Poetry is a tool many use to express feelings, make sense of the world, or find an outlet. For Alexis Knight, she uses poetry to speak on her own experiences, even when it is difficult to do. “It gives me a voice when I feel like mine is struggling to get the words out,” she says.

Knight shares her stories about her experience as a pregnant teenager, falling in and out of love, struggling with depression, and becoming a single mom. Even more, she discusses the triumphs that came after the difficulties she endured — and how she manages the struggles she faces now.

She hopes to connect with other moms and to show them that they aren’t dealing with their struggles alone. She says, “Being a mom is the most amazing thing in the world, but it definitely isn’t easy. I hope that my openness on the stress, mom guilt, and overall overwhelming emotions that come with everyday life, on top of being a mom, help them to know that we are all fighting the same battles. We’re in this together.”

A special talent that Knight holds is the ability to effectively write “reverse poetry,” a style of poem that says one thing when read top to bottom, but says something completely different when read from bottom to top.

I can’t do it.

Never again will I say

I can do hard things.

I have learned from every challenge

That it’s better not to try.

I refuse to believe

It’s worth it to take the risk.

You never know what will happen.

(Reverse — now read from the bottom to the top)

By Alexis Knight

Self-publishing a book is a step many writers take to get their work into the world without going through a publishing company. Knight’s advice to those who are considering self-publishing: “I would tell anyone who is interested in self-publishing, do it! Take the risk and do it. I know it’s scary and your head fills with doubt and worry, but I promise you, even if it were to only ever reach one person, reaching that one person alone makes it all more than worth it.”

You can purchase Alexis Knight’s book, “The Secrets of the Phoenix,” on Amazon.


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