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Scientist-turned-photographer joins The Monarch

By Chelsi Lasater - Sponsored by The Monarch | Sep 18, 2022
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Jaclyn Bott is the newest photographer at The Monarch in Studio 13. Specializing in business and branding photography, Bott says, “If you need any kind of imagery for your brand, I’m your girl!” This includes things like headshots, lifestyle photography, and product photography. She also specializes in brand coaching and mentoring for small-business owners and offers her services from her studio.

When she’s not working with clients, Bott enjoys painting her own backdrops. “I like to branch out past the traditional photography backdrops and focus on creating murals and large-scale art pieces as backdrops,” she says. Her backdrops can be purchased or are available to rent.

Bott has considered herself a maker her entire life. “I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing, painting, writing music. It has always been in my blood,” she says.

Her photography journey started at a young age, first with a wind-and-click film camera and later a digital camera. Her professional journey, however, only started four years ago. Bott actually has a degree in microbiology. She was looking into PhD programs before photography came into her life, causing her to make an enormous career change.

Bott started with weddings and family portraits, but after her first branding shoot, she fell in love. “Creating art has always been a big part of who I am. I have never regretted my decision to embrace my true self more fully and step into my creativity full time,” she says.

“I have officially been a creator at the Monarch for two months now,” says Bott. “I’m inspired by other artists, which is what makes working at the Monarch such a great place for me! I love witnessing other makers’ creativity, it’s contagious.”

Bott says she is inspired by everything she sees: “I’m constantly noticing the world around me, and incorporating what I see into my art. I can’t go anywhere without thinking of a photoshoot I could create, and my mind is constantly taking notes. I feel especially inspired by beautiful locations, people’s eyes, hands, and expressions.”

She feels especially inspired by the beautiful scenery in Ogden and the attributes of its community. “I love the overall creativity, open-mindedness, and artsy-ness of the city,” she says. She names Ogden as the perfect place for her artistic soul: “I love the community here, and am looking forward to connecting with more people in the area!”

Bott hopes to assist and inspire entrepreneurs and small-business owners in the Ogden area by helping them to create meaningful brands that inspire and motivate people on their career paths. “I hope I can empower people to create what they love and help them reach their ideal audiences and customers,” she says.

Along with regular client services, Bott plans on holding many classes and workshops, and already has ideas on subject matter. Drop “Auto” and Learn Manual for Good, Studio Lighting 101, iPhone Photography for Small-Business Owners: How to Create Your Own Brand Imagery, and Posing 101 are just a few of her plans.

Jaclyn Bott is always offering something special. Stay up to date with her mini-sessions, sales, and giveaways on Instagram

(@jaclynbottphoto, @studiothirteenphoto). Visit her upcoming website at www.studio13photo.com.


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