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Annual Festival of Colors returning to Ogden this weekend

By Ryan Aston - | May 29, 2024

Matt Herp, Standard-Examiner file photo

People throw their worries into the wind while celebrating the Holi Festival of Colors on Saturday, May 27, 2017, at West Stadium Park in Ogden.

OGDEN — A revelry-filled celebration of life, love and color is returning to the Ogden area.

The 10th annual Ogden Festival of Colors will emanate from Lorin Farr Park — located at 769 Canyon Road — from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. It’s an event attended by 1,000-1,200 people on average each year, according to Caru Das of the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.

Das says the festival is an opportunity for people of different backgrounds, viewpoints and circumstances to come together, find common ground and experience joy.

“It’s based on the premise that we add to each other,” Das told the Standard-Examiner. “Nowadays, there’s so much suspicion and mistrust on immigration issues. … There’s so much animosity based on the differences that exist between people’s ethnicity or their beliefs or their religion or their gender. But we should also see that we actually depend on other people for the enrichment of our environment, enrichment of our culture.

“Our message is that, from a spiritual perspective, we’re all family. We’re all brothers and sisters. And in spite of our differences of opinion, we should have a resolute determination to work through it together.”

The Ogden celebration — like its much larger Spanish Fork counterpart — has its roots in the ancient Hindu tradition of Holi, which announces the arrival of spring and the passing of winter. In addition to experiencing music and dancing, people playfully throw colored powders or paints at one another and up into the air.

Such will occur at Ogden’s festival, with color throws occurring at designated times. Das says the powder colors at the Utah festivals are made with cornstarch and nontoxic dye; liquid colors are prohibited.

The event also will feature free yoga classes from local teachers, vegan and vegetarian food trucks and music/dancing. Main stage performers include Das, Malini Taneja, Butter Thieves, NamRock, Sarika Dey and Bollypop Utah, Crisanto Santa Ana and more.

For first-time attendees, Das offers the following tip: dress appropriately.

“It’s good that a lot of people wear white, and they don’t wear their best white, because the colors will come off your skin and your hair, but they won’t come off your clothes,” he said. “Whatever you’re going to wear is going to be a souvenir of the event, a canvas of the event.”

He also notes that the festival is appropriate for all ages.

“A lot of parents think public events, concerts, things like that may be questionable in terms of the message, in terms of the language the artists use and all,” Das said. “But none of the parents or teachers have any worries about our message or our language or anything like that. It’s very, very uplifting and inspiring.”

To purchase advance tickets, see the performance schedule or for other information, go to https://www.festivalofcolorsusa.com.


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