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The art of Pride

By Chelsi Lasater - Special to the Standard-Examiner | Jun 16, 2022
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“Chasing Memories” by Darryl Erdmann: Best of Show.
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“Sides of Self” by Amy Bingham: honorable mention.
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“Rainbow Basket” by Curt Fuller: honorable mention.
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“War Paint” by Keith Haney: honorable mention.
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“Live in Love AND Color” by Kristy Hawkes: honorable mention.
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“Bali in Vintage Frame” by Bonnie “Bonaray” Hooper: honorable mention.
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“Love Thyself” by Lindsay Huss: honorable mention.

The Eccles Art Center proudly held its annual Colors of Pride competition. Residents of Utah were invited to participate and the artists were asked to use the six colors and/or themes of the Pride flag — red: life; orange: healing; yellow: sunlight or energy; green: nature; blue: harmony or peace; purple: spirit. Original pieces in any medium including paint, print, drawing, graphic, pottery or sculpture and textiles were eligible.

The Eccles Art Center said, “[We are] proud to celebrate Pride Month. We support the coming together of artists and art appreciation, through the offering of this competition of shared creative expression. When the world is disheartening, a show of support and acceptance is all that someone needs to feel understood.”

Winners were:

  • “Chasing Memories,” by Darryl Erdmann: Best of Show.
  • “War Paint,” by Keith Haney: Honorable Mention.
  • “Love Thyself,” by Lindsay Huss, Honorable Mention.
  • “Sides of Self,” by Amy Bingham, Honorable Mention.
  • “Live in Love AND Color,” by Kristy Hawkes, Honorable Mention.
  • “Bali in Vintage Frame,” by Bonnie “Bonaray” Hooper, Honorable Mention.
  • “Rainbow Basket,” by Curt Fuller, Honorable Mention.

A familiar theme for many of the pieces was a dissection of oneself. Of her piece, Lindsay Huss says, “This body of work explores the idea of the many facets of human personalities. In many ways, we fracture our personalities depending on our situation. When we examine ourselves, we must confront the fact that we have different sides to our personalities. These can include the pieces that could be considered, evil, vain, vapid, loving, passionate, and frightened. We must find a way to unite these pieces so that we can become whole. Without studying ourselves and who we truly are, we remain fractured.” She adds, “‘Love Thyself’ is truly about loving oneself for who they may be at their core. Once I learned to love myself, including what others may see as flaws, I was set free.”

Amy Bingham explains her work in a similar way, struggling to express her many sides. “For me, the piece is about the struggle to articulate your dynamic self. I feel like my truth is actually being built from the inside out, sometimes changing, not always translatable in words or color.” Bingham, frustrated by classifications and presumptions, uses painting to express her feelings. The artist describes her process as “live dreaming.” Without a clear concept in her head, she says the process is more important than what comes out of it.

“I no longer let the hot air in my head lead me; it is now the fuel that feeds my adventures. I go with the wind. I am constant, I follow only my internal compass,” says Bingham.

Erdmann explains his piece as a coming-to-self moment as well. “‘Choosing Memories’ is a piece that utilizes boundaries while still exercising our freedom to expand on who we are individually. Civility, harmony and living every day to the fullest potential will always be the best choice for all of us. Life is precious and needs to be celebrated daily.”

Accepted arts will be displayed in the Main Gallery from June 5-27. Virtual tours are available at ogden4arts.org, Instagram and Facebook.

The staff will be receiving donations for the Ogden Pride Outreach and the Eccles Art Center programs. A small rainbow flag or an ornament can be bought for a donation.

They will be placed on a tree located in the Eccles Art Center’s main gallery. Hearts are $5 each or five for $20. Flags are $50 each.


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