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6 favorite botched ‘Back to the Future’ predictions

By Mark Shenefelt - | Oct 21, 2015
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Almost everyone’s still fixated on cars, so that much is true about Back to the Future. But the 1985 film, tied to an Oct. 21, 2015 future, got plenty wrong about today’s cars and other things.

Here are six of the worst failed prognostications:

How about small appliance-size fusion reactors that mount on your car, fueled by recycled household garbage?

Universal Pictures via Hi-Def Digest


And those nuke-powered cars flying?

Universal Pictures


Tear a wafer-size pizza out of a foil wrapper and microwave it into a full pizza in a couple of seconds? 


Add 40 years to your lifespan with regeneration science — new organs, skin, etc. Hey, plastic surgeons are working hard on this one.

Clothing that automatically forms to your sizes. No. Lots of folks are still knocking around in badly fitting gear.


The United States has a female president, the Cubs have won a World Series and the national newspaper USA Today has 3 billion readers. 

Universal Pictures

Back to the Future

All fun to look back on and chortle about.


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