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It’s true, Ogden: Brewski’s hosted filming Super Bowl commercial featuring rapper Post Malone

By Jacob Scholl standard-Examiner - | Feb 1, 2020

OGDEN — The rumors were true, Ogden.

Brewski’s Bar, a popular watering hole on Historic 25th Street, was the filming site for one of two Super Bowl commercials for Bud Light Seltzer, featuring rapper Post Malone.

The bar confirmed the rumors on social media earlier this week, as the bar was closed for a handful of days to film the commercial. The ad was filmed at Brewski’s as well as locations in California.

The ad, which was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, shows Post Malone in Brewski’s ordering a Bud Light Seltzer, followed by a stylized rendition of the rapper’s internal control room going back and forth with taste buds, stomach and nose; along with many of those inside donning Post Malone’s tattoos.

The rapper — whose real name is Austin Post — is frequently spotted around Utah, where he lives. He has been a spokesman for Bud Light for several years.

Though noticeably stylized for the cameras, someone who has walked through the downtown Ogden bar can easily notice the similarities.

A representative for the advertising firm confirmed in an email that the ad was filmed in Ogden, and said a Bud Light Seltzer commercial would air during the third quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV.

However, it is not entirely certain if the Ogden-filmed commercial will air during the game.

As part of the ad campaign, Post Malone is also featured in another ad for the new seltzer, which features the rapper in a convenience store trying the drink.

Viewers will have to tune into the big game to see which commercial airs.

The ad representative said that Brewski’s was the only site in Utah used for filming the commercial. She added that there were no future filming plans in the works as of Friday, but the possibility had not been ruled out.

Though it was not immediately clear how the particular bar was selected as a filming site, the rumors spread around town that the famous rapper was in town. In a Facebook post on Jan. 8 saying the bar would be closed for filming, many of the comments consisted of people trying to spot Post Malone.

Super Bowl LIV will kick off Sunday at 4:30 p.m. on FOX.


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