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New edition of The LQ drops on Record Store Day

By Angelika Brewer - Special to the Standard-Examiner | Apr 21, 2022

Photo supplied, Jess Knott

Lisa and Kye Hallows stand in front of the Lavender Vinyl store.

Kye and Lisa Hallows, co-founders of what they call their “lavender empire” are releasing the second edition of The LQ, a zine featuring LGBTQ+ artists in the Ogden area, on April 23, 2022. The upcoming spring edition has double the number of pages and contributors of the first edition. “I just feel starry-eyed at how it turned out,” says Kye Hallows.

The Hallowses are the founders of several lavender-titled projects: Lavender Vinyl, a record store on Ogden’s Historic 25th Street; Toasted Lavender, a queer culture podcast; and most recently, The LQ. After receiving a grant from Ogden Arts, funding from Planet Rainbow and successfully launching the first edition of The LQ, they began accepting submissions for the second edition. With a significant number of submissions and an attempt to include as many as possible, they began asking local businesses to “sponsor an artist,” with an incredible number of businesses agreeing. With the contributions, they were able to pay each selected artist for their submission. The additional funding also allowed for a lower price tag on the spring edition of The LQ: a donation. Kye Hallows explains that they suggest a donation of $1 but will accept whatever you can give. “Not everybody has access to even a dollar. It is a suggested donation, so people can pick one up for whatever they have,” he says.

The LQ will feature visual art, photography, poetry, resin art, astrology and more. “If you can make it and we can print it, we are willing to put it in there,” says Lisa Hallows. She includes that she “hopes people will feel inspired by it.”

The Hallowses’ “passion project” was created to connect the queer community and support Ogden directly. Lisa Hallows highlights that The LQ gives the artists involved experience they may need to start a career, update a resume, or just get their work out there. Every contribution to The LQ has come from a local community member, business or organization. “It’s an Ogden thing, through and through,” says Kye Hallows.

The Hallowses give a special thanks to Ogden’s Own Distillery for sponsoring the printing of the zine and Ellis Printing for their services.

Photo supplied, Kye and Lisa Hallows

The cover of the new The LQ spring edition.

You can find the spring edition of The LQ beginning Saturday, which also happens to be Record Store Day, at Lavender Vinyl.

Artists who are aligned with the LGBTQ+ community and are interested in submitting to the next edition of The LQ can find the submission form by scanning the QR code provided.

To support the continuation of The LQ, community members or businesses can “sponsor an artist” or donate through Venmo: @KyeHallows.

Follow the “lavender empire” on Instagram: @toastedlavenderpodcast @lavendervinyl @the_lq_

Join the Toasted Lavender Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/toastedlavenderpodcast

Image supplied

A QR code for the artist submission form to The LQ magazine.

Visit Lavender Vinyl at 123 25th St., Ogden, UT 84401


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