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‘The Foreigner’ opens Jan. 11 at Centerpoint

By Rachel J. Trotter, Standard-Examiner Correspondent - | Jan 8, 2016

CENTERVILLE – CenterPoint Legacy Theatre will open the comedic play, “The Foreigner,” Jan. 11 in its main theater. The show will run through Feb. 6. 

The play, directed by Jennie Richardson, has a cast of seven. The main character, Charlie, who is a shy stranger, is making an appearance in a small Southern fishing town. He pretends to speak no English because of his shyness. But soon, he finds himself hearing all sorts of things he shouldn’t know, which is where the comedy comes in.

“This laugh-a-minute comedy will have the audience rolling as scandal after scandal is unrolled and a dangerous plot is foiled,” said Mickey Larson, marketing director for CenterPoint.

The show is double cast with separate casts for the Monday, Wednesday and Friday shows, and the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday shows.

Holly Reid plays Betty, owner of the fishing lodge, in the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday shows. 

“I’ve done quite a few musicals and this is my first time into the deep end of the pool,” Reid said. “‘The Foreigner’ is a great and well-written comedy and I think this was a good place for me to start (with a play).”

She also wanted to work with Richardson because of her creativity. “She adds extra things that many wouldn’t think to do,” Reid said. 

Richardson said the play is well known in the theater community so she wanted to add some touches to mix things up a bit. There will be a live bluegrass band on stage plus extra features in the set.

“I really wanted to elevate the energy of the show and I think the music really does that,” Richardson said. “People like music behind their plays,” she said, noting that most movies have music in the background. A lot of times in plays there is a recorded soundtrack of some sort, but the live music is a nice, extra added touch, she said.

“Really, people should just come see because it’s a stinkin’ funny show,” Reid said. She advised that people who think they only like musicals should try out “The Foreigner.”

“It’s a good way to get your feet wet,” she said.

Tickets range from $17 to $22 and can be purchased at the box office at 525 N. 400 West or on the theater’s website.


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