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Sunday Drive: Exploring Utah’s scenic routes with the 2023 Range Rover Sport

By Craig and Deanne Conover - Daily Herald | Jul 15, 2023
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High in the mountains above Strawberry Reservoir. Deann is shown here with the Range Rover Sport as we spent the day on back ways in the luxurious SUV.
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The all-new 2023 Range Rover Sport.
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Inside the all-new 2023 Range Rover Sport.
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Inside the all-new 2023 Range Rover Sport.

Our extraordinary weeklong journey with the new 2023 Range Rover Sport SE DYN turned out to be everything we expected and more, as we got set for our second time in one of the British automaker’s vehicles.

This immersive experience allowed us to navigate the captivating landscapes of Springville and the surrounding Utah County, unlocking the true potential of this luxurious SUV. We were also able to conquer the heights of Spanish Fork Canyon to indulge in the serenity of Strawberry Reservoir. We will always remember the Range Rover Sport and the great adventure it afforded to us.

Setting off on a picturesque Sunday afternoon, we were able to venture up Spanish Fork Canyon, ready to witness the Range Rover Sport’s prowess firsthand. As we ascended the winding roads, the SUV’s commanding presence and unique aerodynamic design had folks looking and asking us about the SUV along the way. The 2023 Range Rover Sport SE DYN showcased a striking blend of elegance and ruggedness, with its sleek lines and powerful stance.

We loved the Range Rover Sport’s exceptional handling and precise steering as we maneuvered through Spanish Fork Canyon’s twists and turns. Equipped with the latest technological advancements, this SUV offered a smooth and refined ride, enhancing the overall driving experience. The cabin provided a haven of comfort, enveloping passengers in premium leather seats and exquisite craftsmanship, proving that even the Brits can do it well.

Reaching Sheep Creek Road, we found ourselves immersed in nature’s splendor, with beautiful spring flowers everywhere, proof of all the water we have received this year. With the Range Rover Sport’s Terrain Response system, we were able to tackle any rough terrain that came our way as we took a couple of off-road detours high in the Unita National Forest.

We found the Range Rover to be quite capable as it effortlessly conquered uneven surfaces and rocky paths. The intelligent four-wheel drive system delivered unrivaled traction, ensuring a safe and exhilarating journey no matter where that happened to be, either in everyday driving or out on a mountain adventure.

As we continued our Sunday Drive toward Strawberry Reservoir, we couldn’t help but appreciate the Range Rover Sport’s versatility. Its impressive towing capacity would have allowed us to bring up over 7,500 pounds of trailer behind us. This would be plenty for most anyone’s weekend adventure, as the Range Rover Sport’s refined handling and robust engine seamlessly combined power and efficiency.

Covering a remarkable gas mileage of 21.5 mpg for the week, the Range Rover Sport proved to be an efficient companion throughout our daily lives. Despite its exceptional performance, this SUV demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and responsibility when heading down the road. Its innovative engineering and cutting-edge technologies contributed to a greener and more environmentally conscious journey.

As we found ourselves descending down the canyon toward Heber, we were captivated by the Range Rover Sport’s ability to effortlessly adapt to changing terrains. From mountainous landscapes seen off the beaten path to serene valleys, this SUV conquered every challenge with confidence and poise.

Along the way, we were impressed by the advanced safety features such as adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring, which ensured that we had peace of mind, especially when we were coming down the canyon from Strawberry Reservoir and on the two-lane road that rounds Deer Creek Reservoir.

As we passed Deer Creek Reservoir, we were taken aback with how full the water body is after our awesome winter, and grateful for the moments of sportiness and ability the Range Rover Sport had provided.

As our Sunday Drive neared its end, we took the scenic route as we navigated through the vibrant city of Provo, heading into the eastern neighborhoods by design as we drove toward home.

The Range Rover Sport’s generous cargo space was overaccommodating for our daily needs, making it the ideal companion for both thrilling adventures and practical everyday use. Deanne had the opportunity to fill the back on a Costco run for her employer and was thrilled to have all the space available, as well as the ease of loading the SUV, which sits at the perfect height.

As we contemplated our remarkable week with the 2023 Range Rover Sport SE DYN, again only the second time in our automotive journey we have had one from this manufacturer, we expressed our admiration for its exceptional capabilities as an off-road explorer and a very sophisticated daily driver.

The vehicle’s powerful engine, luxurious interior and advanced technologies seamlessly integrated into our lives, showing us why Range Rover is a very special brand indeed.

We would have loved to have been given a second week to enjoy even further what the powerful SUV could deliver but it was not to be as we moved on to other climes in the automotive world.

Base price: $90,000

Destination charge: $1,475

Price as driven: $100,085


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