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Tech Matters: How AI in LinkedIn can support your career

By Leslie Meredith - Special to the Standard-Examiner | Jun 18, 2024

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Leslie Meredith

Not to be left behind, LinkedIn has jumped into the artificial intelligence fray and is rolling out new features powered by AI. From résumé reviews to chatty job searches, LinkedIn has embedded AI into just about every major use case, but there's a catch. These new tools are available only to Premium subscribers. Is it worth the investment?

LinkedIn Premium runs $30 a month if you pay for the entire year, or $35 a month if you pay by the month. The company regularly offers a free trial month. Job seekers may find the pay-by-the-month option well worth it, especially if their job searches are on the shorter side -- an extra $5 a month is a deal if you find yourself in the enviable position of landing a new job in a month or two. Still, anyone looking to advance their career may decide a Premium subscription is worth the cost now that AI tools are involved. Here's a closer look at these new capabilities and how they can be used to your advantage.

One of the most exciting new features is the AI-enhanced job search. Instead of using search filters, you can search for jobs using natural language prompts. You could type "find me a remote marketing job in San Diego that pays at least $110,000" into the search bar and get relevant results instantly. Assuming the AI works, and your criteria is listed in potential matches, this feature will save job hunters hours of time. Instead of scrolling through more general job results with filters, you should be able to jump right to analyzing the position and reaching out to the recruiter or employer. It's a practical tool for those who know exactly what they are looking for and want to streamline their search.

Another significant addition is the AI-driven résumé review. LinkedIn allows you to upload your résumé and receive personalized suggestions for improvement tailored to a specific job post. Because recruiters spend only six to eight seconds on their initial résumé reviews, according to LinkedIn and others. Creating a résumé tailored to each job is recommended but making different versions of your résumé can take a lot of time. With LinkedIn's AI tool, customizing your resume is a quick process and one that should make you a stronger candidate.

LinkedIn also offers a tool to help you craft cover letters from scratch with the aid of AI. This can be particularly useful if you struggle with articulating your motivations and qualifications in a concise and compelling manner. By guiding you through the process and providing suggestions, the AI can help ensure your cover letter is both professional and tailored to the job you're applying for. This feature takes some of the guesswork out of writing cover letters, making the application process less daunting.

In addition to job search and application tools, LinkedIn is piloting AI personas of industry experts. These AI chatbots, trained by professionals like Alicia Reece and Gemma Leigh Roberts, can provide insights and advice on various business topics. For instance, if you're looking to improve your leadership skills, you could have a conversation with an AI persona trained by a leadership coach. This personalized advice can be a valuable resource for professional development, offering tailored recommendations based on your career needs and goals.

The company has also accelerated its build-out of online courses, adding 60 new classes each week, according to LinkedIn's blog. Further, it has new tools for users as they participate in online learning. For instance, when watching a course, you can ask for summaries of content, clarify certain topics or ask questions like "How does this apply to me?" and "Can you simplify this concept?"

LinkedIn is also enhancing its top-level search capabilities with generative AI. This means that whether you're looking for people, jobs or specific knowledge, the search function will become smarter and more intuitive. For example, if you're researching a particular industry trend, the AI-powered search could help you uncover in-depth articles, relevant connections and ongoing discussions. This expanded search capability makes LinkedIn not just a networking site but a useful tool for professional research and development.

LinkedIn AI makes sense. If you already use LinkedIn on a regular basis, I'm sure you'll find the new features helpful whether you're looking for a new job, new connections or new information.

Leslie Meredith has been writing about technology for more than a decade. As a mom of four, value, usefulness and online safety take priority. Have a question? Email Leslie at asklesliemeredith@gmail.com.


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