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ATV Adventures: The 37th Annual National ATV/UTV Jamboree – packed with fun

By Lynn Blamires - Special to the Standard-Examiner | Feb 8, 2024
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A sample of the type of trails you would ride at the National ATV/UTV Jamboree in Fillmore.
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Riding through the fun water crossings in Chalk Creek Canyon at the National ATV/UTV Jamboree in Fillmore.
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A trail in the mountains above Fillmore you could ride at the National ATV/UTV Jamboree in Fillmore.
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Lynn Blamires

Fillmore is again rolling out the red carpet for the OHV community in hosting the 37th Annual National OHV Jamboree. It is dubbed “National” because it was the first jamboree to be held in the nation. The dates this year are set for June 26-28. Jamboree headquarters will be at the POD west of the Territorial State House.

Registration is online at https://millardcounty.com/events/utv-atv-jamboree. On June 25, riders will pick up registration packets and choose rides from 4-7 p.m. An extra poker hand for the poker run is a bonus for signing up before the end of March.

Fees this year are $120 per adult and $88 for children 6-18. It includes a hot breakfast each morning, two dinners, a jamboree T-shirt and a swag bag full of coupons and other goodies. The guided rides are a bonus. Another bonus is that dinner on June 28 will be provided by the Cedar Mountain RV Resort.

The Fillmore Jamboree was the first one I attended. Fillmore is still one of my favorite places from which to stage a ride on the Paiute ATV Trail System.

A jamboree is one of the best ways to learn where to ride. The guides are seasoned riders from the Sand Rock Ridge Riders, Fillmore’s premier OHV club. They know the trails and the history of the area.

Organizers have tried to stage a Dark Sky Night Ride each of the last four years. Trouble with clouds and weather have spoiled the fun. If they hold one this year, it will be on June 26 or 27.

The jamboree is the reason people will be coming to Fillmore, but there is more to see in the city. The people of Fillmore want you to see more of what they have to offer. Of course, there is the Territorial State House, which I have enjoyed, but the city has a new park that has a lot to offer young children. It is a peaceful place for families. The jamboree packet also will include a pass for free swimming during this event.

The Cedar Mountain RV Resort is offering a buy-two-get-one-free night for the jamboree dates. Their new swimming pool will be open this spring.

In reviewing the rides offered this year, I see some of my favorite trails. The Fillmore Loop, for example, takes you on a ride up Sand Rock Ridge to the top of the mountain. On the second leg, you ride the ridges at over 9,000 feet and feel like you are on top of the world. The third leg drops you down into Chalk Creek Canyon and through some water crossings that are sure to get your feet wet. Wider side-by-sides will stay on the main road because of a 50-inch restriction on Chalk Creek.

Some of the rides require trailering. Jamboree organizers want you to get some experience with other trail systems near Fillmore. Amasa Basin, the Mineral Mountains and the Cricket Mountains are included in the trail choices this year.

The Dry Wash/Big Oaks is listed as a beginner’s ride, but it is one of my favorites. It does have a 60-inch restriction, but with the right size machine, you will enjoy the shaded trail through Dry Wash.

A couple of lunch runs go to Richfield — one features Mexican food and the other Chinese. I am always up for a lunch run. While most of the rides at the jamboree are on open trails, only two are on 60-inch trails and seven of the rides are on 50-inch trails that will require smaller machines to enjoy.

Rides are scheduled for the west desert, which includes exploring ice caves and the amazing Lace Curtain. It is a huge wall of lava extrusions that formed when it was underwater. Located on the side of an extinct volcano, it appears to be a wall of melted wax. The lava extrusions are fascinating, and some large birds have found it ideal for nesting.

Another ride in the desert will take you to the Meadow Hot Pots. Wear a swimming suit and plan to take a dip in these warm waters. It will cool down your ride on the way back.

This is the third jamboree I have written about this year and we are just getting started. When you go, take plenty of water, keep the rubber side down and stay tuned for information about more jamborees.

Contact Lynn R. Blamires at quadmanone@gmail.com.


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